25+ Unique And Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

25+ Unique And Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

Decorating yourself helps you express your creativity and enjoy the process of creating something special for your space. Choosing DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas is important because it will create a unique and personalized look for your Thanksgiving party. So, are there any interesting and special handmade decoration ideas? Join us to find out through the following TeeNavi’s article!

1. Pumpkin fall wreath – DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas

Pumpkin fall wreaths are the first homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas that we want to introduce to you. Here’s an idea to celebrate the coming of fall and Thanksgiving. A pumpkin fall wreath can be a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving season. You can use mini pumpkins, gourds, or faux pumpkins in various sizes, and fall foliage such as leaves, berries, or twigs,… to make this decoration idea.

diy Thanksgiving decorations ideas
Create a pumpkin fall wreath for your home

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2. Paper leaf pumpkin

For these DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas, you will decorate your pumpkins with patterned paper leaves. The real or faux pumpkins, scrapbook paper, and a few construction paper or cardstock are all you’ll need. You start by cutting out multiple leaf shapes from the paper of your choice. You can draw different leaf shapes, or you can trace pumpkin leaf templates onto the paper. Then, you use glue to secure the paper leaves onto your pumpkin. This idea adds a colorful autumn vibe to your Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving diy decorations
Create the leaves for the pumpkin from paper

3. Pumpkin vase

If you want to find unique and festive DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas, a pumpkin vase is a great choice. First, you choose a medium-sized pumpkin with a flat bottom. You carefully cut off the top of the pumpkin by using a sharp knife. Next, use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin. Clean it and it’s ready to be used as a vase. 

easy diy Thanksgiving decorations
Decoration with handmade pumpkin vase

The next thing you need to do is pick fall-inspired flowers like sunflowers, dahlias, chrysanthemums, or lilies depending on your preferences. Finally, you arrange your chosen flowers in the pumpkin vase. This decoration idea will impress your guests at your Thanksgiving celebration.

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4. Fabric pumpkin

How about DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas with fabric pumpkins? With this idea, you can freely choose a variety of different fabric patterns and colors to make pumpkins to match your home decoration. Besides, you can decorate the pumpkin surround with fall leaves, acorns, and small candles for added charm. Remember to get creative with your fabric choices and mix and match different colors, prints, and textures. This will create a great festive Thanksgiving decoration with fabric pumpkins.

Thanksgiving diy ideas
Decoration with the fabric pumpkins

5. Sequin pumpkins – DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas

Sequin pumpkins can add a touch of sparkle and glam to your Thanksgiving decor. Start by choosing the artificial pumpkins you want to decorate. They come in various sizes, so choose the ones that suit your preference. Then you apply glue to a small portion of the pumpkin’s surface using a paintbrush or directly from a glue gun. Remember not to apply too much at once to ensure the glue doesn’t dry out too quickly. 

diy Thanksgiving yard decorations
A great idea with sequin pumpkins

Continue, carefully place sequins on the glued area one by one. You can use tweezers or your fingers to do this. Don’t forget to press each sequin down gently so it adheres to the glue. Repeat the process until the design is complete or you’ve covered the desired section. Once your sequin pumpkins are dry, they are ready to be displayed or as decorative accents around your home! Try these Thanksgiving DIY decorations now!

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6. Mini pumpkin planters

Let’s elevate your DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas with mini pumpkin planters. Select mini pumpkins that are relatively uniform in shape and free from any bruises or blemishes. Carefully cut off the top portion of each pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin using a spoon or small scoop to create a hollow space. Next, fill the hollowed pumpkin with moistened soil. Place the plants that you like into the prepared pumpkin, pressing the roots gently into the soil. It could be succulents, roses, sunflowers, or something like that. 

diy Thanksgiving decorations ideas
An ideal decoration for your Thanksgiving home

Finally, you adjust the soil as needed to secure the plant in place. Note that you need to place your mini pumpkin planters in a well-lit area where they will receive indirect sunlight. Water the succulent sparingly because overwatering can lead to root rot.

7. Pumpkin place cards

These DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas are not only good-looking, but they’re also meaningful. You cut strips of paper from blue card stock and fold each strip in half to create the place cards. Create triangles at the ends of each strip using a craft knife. Write messages on the inside and the name of the exterior of each strip using a white paint pen. You can display them in the stems or mount them on a roll of mini pumpkins. This idea adds a personal and seasonal touch to your Thanksgiving table. This also serves as an interactive way for guests to find their seats.

diy Thanksgiving decorations outdoor
Create pumpkin place cards

8. Display transferware plates

Using transferware plates for Thanksgiving DIY decorations has cultural significance, festivals, and family traditions. This is also a way to celebrate and honor family members who have passed down family values and traditions. In addition, decorating the dining table with transferware plates also creates a formal and cozy space. The motifs on them are often highly artistic, with luxurious drawings and colors.

diy Thanksgiving ideas
Decorate the Thanksgiving dinner table with transferware plates

9. Color-wrapped wheat

You can add a subtle splash of color by wrapping stems of wheat with colorful embroidery thread. These DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas are meant to symbolize autumn and a bountiful harvest. Wheat represents the prosperity and prosperity of a bountiful harvest and creates a bright and cheerful decorative space during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas
A great idea with color-wrapped wheat

Once all the wheat stalks are wrapped and decorated, you arrange them in a decorative vase or bundle them together. You can use twine or more ribbon to do this. Then, you place the color-wrapped wheat decorations as a centerpiece on your table or as part of your overall fall decor.

10. Harvest box – Homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Decorating harvest boxes during Thanksgiving is meant to show appreciation and honor the year’s rich harvests. They are often decorated with fall flowers, eucalyptus, milkweed, and dried corn to create a colorful and beautiful harvest box. This decorative box is intended to symbolize the joy and richness of life. Please refer to these DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas!

cheap diy Thanksgiving decorations
The perfect idea for Thanksgiving decor

11. DIY pine cone wreath

The next DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas is creating DIY pinecone wreaths. Even at the last minute, you can do this idea by using a handful of pinecones collected from your yard. To create the wreath, wrap a burlap ribbon around a 16-inch wreath form, then loop a piece around the form to hang it. Apply acrylic paint in fall hues like orange, yellow, and beige on the tops of forty pinecones. After the pinecones are dry, twist and tie them around the wreath form. Do this by encircling the base of each one with an 18-inch piece of floral wire. Last, you layer and overlap the pinecones as you go.

diy Thanksgiving decorations
Make some DIY pinecone wreaths

12. Thanksgiving slate

How about Thanksgiving slates? These are also interesting homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas. Create a picture or a board with drawings or messages related to the Thanksgiving festival. This decoration is often used to highlight your space. It creates a warm feeling and shows your hospitable spirit to everyone during the Thanksgiving celebration.

diy Thanksgiving decorations outdoor
Idea decor with slate in the Thanksgiving season

13. Gold table decorations

The next DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas is decorating the table with gold color. This idea creates a magnificent and luxurious feeling for your dining and reception space. The color gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and luck. At the same time, it also shows appreciation and gratitude for the good things in life. Some suggestions for gold table decorations:

  • You can use gold-colored cutlery to give your table a luxurious feel.
  • Serve drinks in gold-rimmed or gold-etched glassware.
  • Lay a gold tablecloth or table runner on the table for a shimmering table.
  • Write guests’ names on small gold glitter-covered cardstock for personalized place cards.
  • Incorporate gold-colored leaves or branches into floral vases as decorations.
diy Thanksgiving ideas
How to decor table with gold-tone

14. Harvest art – DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas

In this Thanksgiving, let’s create a 3D art harvest. You can use collected acorns and a framed picture mat to make these DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas. It gives a subdued but festive feeling.

homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas
Design a harvest art

15. Leaf & pinecone napkin rings

Leaf and pinecone napkin rings add a touch of nature to your Thanksgiving table decor. These DIY Thanksgiving decorations are easy to make. To get started, you need to select the leaves and pinecones you want to use. Make sure they are clean and dry. Cut a piece of wire approximately 8-10 inches long, depending on how large you want your napkin rings to be.

cheap diy Thanksgiving decorations
Use leaf and pinecone napkin rings for Thanksgiving decoration

Next, you apply hot glue to the back of a leaf or pinecone. Then, you press the twisted wire into the glue and make sure it is securely attached. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue sets. Repeat this step with the rest of your leaves and pinecones. Once all the decorations are attached, wrap the wire around your rolled napkin. So, you’re done with this decorating idea!

16. Pumpkin candles

Decorating with pumpkin candles creates a warm and exciting space for the party. In addition, this idea also increases excitement and creates a solemn feeling for the holiday. You hollow out the middle of a couple of miniature pumpkins to make candlesticks. You proceed to remove the intestine and wash it. Finally, you place a taper candle into the created pumpkin candlesticks. Don’t hesitate any longer, let’s do these DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas!

diy Thanksgiving decorations
Make pumpkin candles

17. DIY rope cornucopia

A rope cornucopia is a unique and creative DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas. The first thing you need to do is shape your rope into a cornucopia shape. You start a loop and gradually twist the rope around itself to create the horn-like structure. Use floral wire to secure the twists if needed. You can adjust the size based on your preference. Once you are finished, let’s use a hot glue gun to secure the twists and ensure they hold their shape. Apply the glue on overlapping sections of the rope and press together firmly until the glue sets.

diy Thanksgiving decorations outdoor
How to make a rope cornucopia for the Thanksgiving holiday

Next, you wrap the cornucopia with additional rope to elevate the appearance. Don’t forget to apply hot glue along the surface and wrap the rope around it. So, you have completed a rope cornucopia! Now you just need to decorate to your liking and use it as a beautiful focal point.

18. Fall leaves pitcher vase

Are you looking for last-minute DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas? So, creating a fall leaves pitcher vase is ideal. Simply, you head out to your backyard and cut a handful of autumn leafy branches. Then, you stylishly arrange them in a vase of your choice. You now have an enchanting fall vase to adorn your table or buffet at Thanksgiving dinner.

diy Thanksgiving ideas
A formal Thanksgiving decoration

19. Bowtie napkins – Homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Bowtie napkins for Thanksgiving will create a beautiful decoration and create a feeling of formality. In addition, these easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations can also highlight the party table and impress everyone. Let’s try it!

homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas
Decorate your Thanksgiving table with bowtie napkins

20. Pinecone door hanging

Pinecone door hanging is a DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas that creates a cozy and welcoming feeling. In addition, Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to honor and give thanks for the gifts and opportunities that life gives us. Through decorating with a handmade pinecone door hanging, we express our remembrance and appreciation for the positive things and luck we have received throughout the year.

diy Thanksgiving decorations ideas
Hanging a pinecone wreath on your door

21. DIY pie or cake topper

Another DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas is making a DIY pie or cake topper. Although not a required part, the topper is added to add to the Thanksgiving holiday atmosphere and create special attention for the cake. It is created from materials such as paper, wood, or other materials. You can make topper symbols related to Thanksgiving such as pumpkins, turkey, red leaves, corn, or something like that.

Thanksgiving diy decorations
Attach a topper for your pie and cake

22. Give thanks banner – DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas

‘Give thanks’ banner decor is meant to express your gratitude and celebrate gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. You can design your own banner with a neutral white, ivory, and gold color scheme. However, you can go with any hues you choose. After that, you just need to write the word “Give thanks” on it artistically, and don’t forget to decorate it with some special icons!

easy diy Thanksgiving decorations
Hanging a Give Thanks banner

23. Thanksgiving balloons

Homemade Thanksgiving decoration ideas with balloons will make a surprising look for your home. It will also make a great way to welcome your guests! You can use letter-shaped balloons and create the words “Thanksgiving” or “Give thanks”. Or if you want a fun decoration, you can consider quirky decor with turkey legs balloons. You just need to cut out some construction paper into the shape of a turkey leg. Then you glue them to the base of each balloon to make “turkey legs.”

Thanksgiving diy ideas
Creative with balloons Thanksgiving idea

24. Handwritten menu cards

It would be great if you could design your own menu for Thanksgiving dinner! Along with providing information about the food and drinks served at the party, they also create an atmosphere of formality and professionalism. In addition, creating handwritten menu cards also shows care and respect for guests on important holidays like Thanksgiving. Therefore, don’t miss these great DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas!

diy Thanksgiving yard decorations
Create menu cards for the Thanksgiving dinner

25. Printable wine tags

Printable wine tags are also interesting DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas that you can make. You can decorate these cards yourself with images, messages, or designs related to Thanksgiving. These tags are not only a beautiful piece of decoration, but they are also meant to add encouragement and fun to the Thanksgiving feast.

diy Thanksgiving decorations ideas
Create the tags for the wines

26. Rustic wood slice chalkboard

Rustic wood slice chalkboard is the last easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations that we want to introduce. You prepare a blackboard and write words of thanks or congratulations on it. Or you can also write the food menu on it. This idea will create a rustic, intimate space and is also a perfect way to welcome guests! Let’s try it!

Thanksgiving diy decorations
The last DIY idea that you can refer to

The above article gives you a list of 26 DIY Thanksgiving decorations ideas that are creative and formal. Hope the article can help you in the process of decorating for the Thanksgiving season. Please contact TeeNavi immediately if you have any questions or need help!

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