12+ Inspiring Father's Day Ideas For Church

12+ Inspiring Father’s Day Ideas For Church

Are you looking for Father’s Day ideas for church with interesting activities and some gifts to hand out? Father’s Day is an extremely special day to honor the great contributions the fathers have made to the community and your church. This is to emphasize the importance of fatherhood and encourage fathers to continue doing well in their roles. So, if you still don’t have any ideas for this upcoming meaningful day celebration at church, please refer to TeeNavi‘s 12+ great ideas in the article below!

1. A gift card for coffee

Let’s come to the first one for Father’s Day ideas for church in this article today. This is a great way to honor and thank the church fathers with gift cards to enjoy delicious cups of coffee. In addition, this idea also creates an opportunity for fathers to communicate and confide in each other, enhancing the connection between church members.

Father's Day ideas for church
Prepare some coffee gift cards for fathers at church

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2. Root beer – Father’s Day ideas for church

This idea for simple Father’s Day gifts for church will create a special celebration for the fathers. Root beer is a non-alcoholic soft drink with a unique flavor, often chosen as a gift to celebrate Father’s Day. When enjoying glasses of root beer, fathers can share joy and bond with each other more.

Father's Day program ideas for church
Fathers can enjoy root beer on Father’s Day

3. A hot dog station

How about a full cookout/barbecue for Father’s Day ideas for church? With a hot dog station, you can create a special culinary treat to celebrate Father’s Day at church. Dads and their families can enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and many different sauces. Additionally, you can create a cozy and holiday-appropriate space by decorating the hot dog station with flowers, banners, or Father’s Day-related images.

celebrating Father's Day in church
It’s great to enjoy a hot dog treat on Father’s Day

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4. A prayer service 

A prayer service is an indispensable thing when we mention Father’s Day ideas for church. Let’s pray for anyone who finds Father’s Day painful for whatever reason. Along with that is a prayer for strength and wisdom for all parents in the congregation.

Father's Day gifts for church members
Pray for good things on Father’s Day at church

5. Father’s Day breakfast

One of the best ways to start Father’s Day celebrations at your church is to host a delicious Father’s Day breakfast. This warm and welcoming event brings families together early in the day to share a meal and express gratitude to the fathers in their lives. To make the breakfast a success, prepare a hearty menu featuring dad-favorite dishes such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage.

simple Father's Day gifts for church
Have a breakfast together at church on Father’s Day

Besides, you can also add healthier options such as fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola. Encouraging families to participate by bringing their fathers’ favorite dishes for a diverse and delicious spread is also a good choice. By celebrating Father’s Day in church with breakfast, the church will not only provide a fun start to the day but also enhance togetherness among your congregation.

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6. Honorary awards

Recognizing outstanding fathers in your congregations is another excellent Father’s Day ideas for church. Giving the fathers special awards or certificates of appreciation can help them feel celebrated for their contributions to their families and communities. To celebrate various aspects of fatherhood, you can create categories such as “Most Involved Dad,” “Most Inspiring Father,” or “Father of the Year.” This idea will not only make the recipients feel special, but it will also encourage other fathers in the congregation to keep striving to be the best fathers they can be.

Father's Day ideas for church
Organize the Honorary award on Father’s Day

7. Outdoor picnic – Father’s Day ideas for church

Hosting a church-wide picnic following the service is the next best Father’s Day ideas for church. Because it allows families to spend quality time together while fathers relax and enjoy the day. An outdoor picnic provides a fun and casual environment for families to connect, share food, and engage in activities.

simple Father's Day gifts for church
Plan a church-wide outdoor picnic on Father’s Day

You can choose a nearby park or even your church’s grounds for the picnic location. Then, encourage families to bring blankets, chairs, and their favorite dishes to share. Besides, don’t forget to plan some games and activities, such as frisbee, soccer, or a scavenger hunt, to keep both children and adults entertained throughout the event.

8. Dad’s choir or band performance

Let’s encourage fathers in your church to form a choir or band and perform a special song during the service for a one-of-a-kind and entertaining Father’s Day celebration. Sounds interesting, right? On Father’s Day, the dads’ performance will not only delight the congregation but will also be a fun and memorable experience for the fathers.

Father's Day ideas for church
Enjoy the Dad’s choir or band performance on church Father’s Day

You can coordinate with the fathers ahead of time, allowing them to choose a song, rehearse, and prepare for the performance. You can even enlist the help of your church’s music director or worship team for advice and support. Let’s try this great idea for celebrating Father’s Day in church!

9. Host a friendly tournament or competition

Hosting a tournament, game day, or individual competition is a unique way to bring your church community together. Below are some Father’s Day ideas for church to have a memorable celebration:

  • Create a tournament: A tournament with tiers for various ages and athletic abilities allows everyone to compete. You can even form teams based on different ministry teams and ages for fun (leadership team, worship team, volunteers, youth ministry).
  • Plan the game day with a variety of activities: A field day with a variety of activities like tug of war, dodgeball, soccer, and an egg toss. It is a great way to get everyone involved and keep the focus off of one particular game.
  • Hold a contest: Competition does not have to revolve around sports or athleticism. Create a contest for fathers and their children to vote on who makes the best burger, who has the best business plan, who best sings, or who has the best t-shirt design.
Father's Day gifts for church members
Organize the competitions with fun games at church on Father’s Day

10. Celebrate dads in kids’ ministry

Focusing on fatherhood in children’s ministry allows children to connect with their fathers while also understanding God’s heart. Here are some Father’s Day ideas for church in your children’s ministry:

  • Homemade frames, cards, and keychains are simple gifts that children of any age can make for their fathers.
  • Preparing a play or singalong specifically for Father’s Day is a fun way to get ready for the occasion.
  • Interviewing children about their fathers and then making a short video to show on Sunday morning is a wonderful way to highlight and honor fathers in the church.

Finally, remember to be sensitive to children who do not have fathers. Find ways to support those children by spending quality time with father figures or male mentors in the church.

simple Father's Day gifts for church
Some activities for kids’ ministry to celebrate Dads

11. Host a BBQ for dads

A special BBQ can provide an excellent opportunity for fathers to spend quality time with their kids. It is also a delicious lunch as the Father’s Day gifts for church members that makes them feel appreciated. The most important thing you need to do is choose a simple yet delicious menu. You can refer to dishes such as Grilled chicken and hamburgers, chips, and watermelon,… They are all delicious and require little preparation.

Father's Day gifts for church members
Organize a BBQ party for fathers at church

12. Journal books just for men

These blank journal books help fathers memorize scripture verses for devotional times, sermon notes, and prayer times. You can create these journals in Word and print them. Then, you have them bound at a local office supply store with your church’s logo or mission. Don’t miss this meaningful idea for Father’s Day ideas for church!

Father's Day gifts for church members
Make some journal books for the fathers at church

13. Father’s Day photo booth 

Setting up a photo booth is one of the next Father’s Day ideas for church that you can refer to. In addition to being a great place for selfies, have someone take photos for all fathers and their families. After the celebration, you can share them on social media and print them for added fun.

simple Father's Day gifts for church
Design a photo booth for church Father’s Day

14. Scripture cards or bookmarks

With this idea for simple Father’s Day gifts for church, you can purchase scripture cards online, from a local Christian bookstore, or make your own. Make them the size of regular business cards and include short, encouraging scriptures. Let’s encourage fathers to keep a card in their cars, Bibles, work desks, or even taped to the bathroom mirror!

Father's Day ideas for church
A great gift idea for fathers at your church

15. Devotion book for men – Father’s Day ideas for church

We come to the last one for Father’s Day ideas for church with these devotion books for men! Buy them at a local bookstore, a Christian bookstore, or even a big box store. Because most devotional books are written for women, it’s refreshing to have something specifically for men.

Father's Day program ideas for church
The last gift idea for fathers on Father’s Day

16. The importance of celebrating fathers in church

Here are 3 importance of thoughtful planning and preparation Father’s Day ideas for church to celebrate the fathers:

16.1. An opportunity for outreach

For years, Mother’s Day has been reported as the third-highest attendance Sunday after Easter and Christmas. This owes to the fact that families frequently attend church together to honor Mother’s Day, often at the request of their church-going mothers or grandmothers. Therefore, celebrating fathers with unique Father’s Day ideas for church will be an opportunity to attract more people to your church.

celebrating Father's Day in church
The first important thing

16.2. A chance to support the affected

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day may be difficult days for many people. Some have lost their mother or father, those longing to be mothers or fathers, or those who have strained relationships with their mothers or fathers. But that’s no reason to ignore these days entirely. Instead, it provides an opportunity to acknowledge their pain and assist them in their healing. So, plan to prepare meaningful Father’s Day gifts for church members, and don’t forget to include some fun activities and games!

Father's Day gifts for church members
It’s a chance to support the Fathers affected

16.3. A time for joyous celebration

Some mothers and fathers in your congregation struggle to feel understood or connected. So, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be timed to acknowledge the blessing of parenthood and the joy it can bring. 

Father's Day gifts for church members
Have a joyful Father’s Day celebration

The above article gives you a list of the 15 best Father’s Day ideas for church and the importance of celebrating fathers that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have a lot of useful information through the article to successfully organize a unique Father’s Day celebration for your church. Finally, don’t forget to contact TeeNavi for support with any problems!

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