Make Mom Smile With These 30 Mother's Day Activity Suggestions

Make Mom Smile With These 30 Mother’s Day Activity Suggestions

Mother’s Day 2024 is just around the corner, have you got some Mother’s Day activity ideas to do with your mother? Mother’s Day is one of the most meaningful days of the year to honor and express deep gratitude for what mothers have done for us. Whether your mother is a person who likes exciting activities, or likes simple craft activities, or likes to explore new things, the below article can satisfy her interests. Let’s take a look at these 30 great ideas with TeeNavi!

1. Have a Dance Party

The first Mother’s Day activity that we want to suggest to you is to have a dance party with your beloved mother. Make a playlist of her favorite songs and host a dance party. You can also include some sweet mother-daughter songs to show her how much you care. Simply make some space in your living room or kitchen and go for it!

Mother's Day activity
Dancing with your loving mom on Mother’s Day

2. Watch Home Movies – Mother’s Day activity 

Watching old home videos is an easy way to warm Mom’s heart on Mother’s Day. It will also be fun for the entire family, and she will enjoy reminiscing. This is a great way to enjoy time together and remember cherished memories. Let’s try this idea for things to do for Mother’s Day!

things to do for Mother's Day
Watch the home movies together on Mother’s Day

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3. Go Boating

Whether you charter one or rent your own, boating is a great way to spend a late spring day and is very suitable for a Mother’s Day activity. Going on a cruise not only allows your mother to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but it also allows the family to have lots of fun time together. This activity also makes for an excellent mother and family photo opportunity!

things to do for Mother's Day
Have a fun time when go boating with your mother

4. Have a Photoshoot

Make this Mother’s Day memorable by capturing the moment with the mother and daughter photoshoot. You can give her a framed photo or a digital frame as a gift that keeps on giving. Plus, this Mother’s Day activity will create incredibly memorable memories and is also a great gift for your mother.

Mother's Day activities near me
Have a family photoshoot as a Mother’s Day gift for your mom

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5. Go Camping

Finding a campground nearby and treating Mom to a night under the stars is the next idea for things to do for Mother’s Day that you can refer to. With this activity, you can spend time with your mother in a beautiful natural space, enjoying outdoor activities such as walking, fishing, or lighting a campfire and confiding in each other. It’s an excellent way to create memorable memories with your mother and enjoy nature.

easy Mothers Day crafts
Enjoy nature on Mother’s Day with camping activities

6. Go Hiking

If your mother enjoys hiking and likes to explore nature, Mother’s Day is the ideal time to take her on her favorite trail. Along the way, you’ll get to see some beautiful scenery and have some great conversations. Remember to prepare all the necessary items, some food and drinks, and choose a walking location that suits your mother’s ability!

Mother's Day activity
You can chat with your mother during the walk

7. Spend an Hour Reading Together – things to do for Mother’s Day

Do you and mom have a favorite book? Or a love of storytelling? This Mother’s Day activity can be spun in two different ways. The first way is that you can write a story about their mother and growing up with her, then read it with your mother. This way will warm her heart and she will treasure it forever. Or you can spend the afternoon reading your mother’s or your favorite book together.

Mother's Day activity
Reading together on Mother’s Day

8. Head to the Zoo or Aquarium

For mothers who love nature, there is nothing more ideal than visiting the zoo or aquarium for Mother’s Day activity ideas. Seeing fish and sea creatures in a natural environment will bring a sense of fun and peace to your mother and family. Wandering through the most fantastic land or sea creatures will transport you to the Sahara desert or tropical rainforests. Animal-loving mothers will enjoy this activity as much as the children!

things to do for Mother's Day
Explore animals and nature on Mother’s Day

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9. Volunteer as a Family – Unique Mother’s Day activity

What could be more wonderful and meaningful than spending Mother’s Day giving back to your community with your mother? Volunteering is an excellent way to spend quality time together, find fulfillment, and actively support the community. If you want to find Mother’s Day activities near me, you can volunteer with your mother in areas near where you live. For example, participate in cleaning up parks or beaches, give love to orphans, help grandparents in nursing homes, and raise funds for the poor near your area.

Mother's Day activities near me
Have a meaningful Mother’s Day with volunteer activities

10. Take an Art Class

Ceramics, painting, crafts, and watercolors—the options are limitless! Participating in an art class for Mother’s Day activity also creates a special memory and will bring joy to mothers. Let’s get your dirty hands together and your mom can end up with a beautiful new piece to hang in the house.

easy Mothers Day crafts
Make some art with mom on Mother’s Day

11. Paint Pottery – Things to do for Mother’s Day

Painting pottery is a fun activity for all ages that allows you to express your creativity while also spending time together. Use your artistic skills to create a mug or a keepsake vase for her Mother’s Day flowers. You can decorate them with your mother’s favorite motifs or write loving wishes on them.

easy Mothers Day crafts
Exciting activity for Mother’s Day with paint pottery

12. Host a Picnic on the Beach

Plan a picnic on the beach with mom’s favorite foods and family members like cakes, sandwiches, or fruits. Let her spend the day jumping in the waves, building sandcastles, or relaxing on the beach with a book. In addition, you should check the weather before going and remember to prepare necessary items such as towels, rugs, tissues, storage covers, chairs, etc. Mom will like this Mother’s Day activity and be very happy on her day!

Mother's Day activities near me
A wonderful picnic for Mother’s Day on the beach

13. Hire a Professional Organizer

If you know you can’t fold and color-coordinate clothes like a pro, surprise your mother with a professional organizer. They can tackle an area of the house, such as her closet or office, to make it feel neat and put together, with neither of you having to lift a finger. Your mother will be very surprised and feel happy on Mother’s Day with this idea!

Mother's Day craft ideas
Hire a professional organizer on Mother’s Day

14. Host a Cookout – Mother’s Day activities for adults

An outdoor barbecue will also be a great opportunity to enjoy the natural space and create memorable moments with your mother. Grill Mom’s favorite kebabs and let her relax in the hammock all afternoon. Make it extra special by decorating the outdoors in her favorite colors and giving her a flower crown to wear throughout the day. Surely this idea will be a fun and meaningful Mother’s Day activity to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day crafts
Enjoy dishes cooked outdoors on Mother’s Day

15. Write a Thank You Letter

Growing up, your mother always teaches you the value of sending a thank you card after receiving a gift. This year, why not make Mothers Day crafts by sitting down and writing a thank you card to your mother? Thanks for all of the wonderful things she has given you over the years. You’ll both probably end up crying when reading that letter filled with love.

Mothers Day crafts
The letter contains heartfelt words of thanks to your mother

16. Make a Signature Cocktail

This year, skip breakfast in bed and surprise Mom with a signature drink she’ll never forget. The decoration is everything, so use a fancy glass, a reusable straw, and a luxurious tray to showcase cocktails for your mother to enjoy. This Mother’s Day activity not only brings joy to mothers but also creates opportunities for families to enjoy and share special moments together.

Mother's Day craft ideas
Make special cocktails with the wine your mother likes

17. Visit a Museum

This Mother’s Day activity idea will be ideal if your mother is the type of person who likes to explore knowledge about history, art, and culture. Let’s visit a museum to spend the day with your mom immersed in works of art and culture as well as learn some new things. Of course, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for a small souvenir!

easy Mothers Day crafts
Visit a museum with your loving mom on Mother’s Day

18. Build a Mother’s Day Basket

Building a gift basket for Mother’s Day craft ideas is not only about creativity and expressing love. It is also a way for you to sincerely thank your mother for doing many wonderful things in your life. Let’s make a basket full of mom’s favorite things so she can enjoy a day of relaxation exactly how she wants it. 

Mother's Day activity
A gift basket filled with your love for your mom

Gifts you can choose from include beautiful bouquets with mom’s favorite flowers, books, cosmetics, chocolates, kitchen utensils, or homemade crafts. In addition, you can also add congratulations, love letters, or hand-drawn pictures to increase the meaningful value of the gift basket. Don’t miss this meaningful activity on Mother’s Day!

19. Go to a Flea Market

Any mother who enjoys hunting for one-of-a-kind treasures will adore a trip to the flea market. It’s much more exciting than going to the mall to browse the same old stores. Consider taking her to a place she’s never been before for extra points on Mother’s Day.

things to do for Mother's Day
Hunt for unique items with your mother at the flea market

20. Weave Macramé Plant Hangers

These trendy plant hangers can be suitable for any holiday, so why not make your own unique versions for Mother’s Day? When you create a plant hanger to give to your mother on this occasion, its meaning becomes more special than ever. Also, it’s easier to make than you might think. You will need scissors, metal rings, cotton rope, measuring tape, and masking tape to start. Try this Mother’s Day activity!

Mother's Day crafts
A unique craft activity for your mom on Mother’s Day

21. Go to the spa

Let’s research a local spa and give mom some well-deserved time in her day. This is a simple activity that does not require minimal planning because you just need to make a reservation! This Mother’s Day activity is a great way for mothers to rest and enjoy their day to the fullest.

Mother's Day activities for adults
Let your mom relax at the local spa on Mother’s Day

22. Visit a winery

The idea of visiting a winery during Mother’s Day celebrations makes significant sense. Nothing says “I love you, mom” like treating her to endless delicious wine if your mother loves enjoying wine. With this Mother’s Day activity idea, you and your mom can share happy moments and enjoy glasses of quality wine. In addition, she can also participate in activities related to the wine production process.

Mother's Day activity
Visit a winery for a perfect activity for Mother’s Day

23. Paint night

Paint night is a perfect idea for Mother’s Day crafts which you and your mother can create unique works of art together. What’s better than being able to enjoy relaxing and happy moments with your mother, right? So, let’s join your mother in this great activity on the upcoming Mother’s Day!

things to do for Mother's Day
Make some nice art with your mom

24. Cook for mom

How many delicious dishes have your mother prepared for you? This Mother’s Day, turn the table and prepare all of Mom’s meals with her favorite dishes in mind. Make a list of what you’re going to make and what ingredients you’ll need. Also, you should go to the grocery store in the morning or the night before to prepare for breakfast. 

Mother's Day activities near me
Cook all meals for Mom on Mother’s Day

If mom usually gets up early to feed the family, make sure you’re up and cooking the first meal before she does. By cooking for your mother, you can show your love and gratitude towards her. Mom will be very touched when you take care of her and pay attention to her in this way!

25. Dinner and a movie

Sometimes traditional dates for Mother’s Day activity ideas are successful. When was the last time you went to see a movie with Mom? After dinner with your mother, let’s enjoy an excellent movie, and don’t forget to prepare popcorn for her.

easy Mothers Day crafts
Watch a movie after having dinner with your mother

26. Bake together

If mom enjoys baking, this could be a fun Mother’s Day activity to do inside your home. You can make the cake with tried-and-true recipes or try something new. If you think mom would enjoy something new or more adventurous, look for a difficult recipe. It may even use tools or techniques that neither of you is familiar with. 

Mother's Day activity
Baking some delicious recipes with your mother

Additionally, you can prepare a camera (or your camera phone) at your baking station and set it to time-lapse mode. When you’re finished, it’ll be a fun treat to rewatch the entire process! Don’t miss this exciting idea to do with your mom for Mother’s Day!

27. Start a family garden

Your mother doesn’t already have her own garden and you’ve heard her express a desire for one, right? If so, you should implement this perfect idea for things to do for Mother’s Day. It creates a green space in the house and creates an opportunity for you and your mother to become more connected when participating in caring for and growing plants. Let’s spend the day with the entire family creating a small family garden!

things to do for Mother's Day
Create a beautiful garden for your mother

28. Take a trip to the farmer’s market

It’s a lovely place to spend a morning browsing flowers, munching on farm-fresh snacks, and perhaps doing some shopping for dinner. Farmers’ markets often offer a variety of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits. You and your mother can choose the best ingredients for delicious and healthy meals on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day activities near me
Go to the farmer’s market with your mom on Mother’s Day

29. Take Mom on a shopping spree

Taking Mom on a shopping spree and assisting her in selecting items is the next Mother’s Day activity that we want to recommend to you. Help her try things on, choose outfits, and make her feel like the unique queen you know she is. This idea helps you bond with your mom and lets her know that you appreciate what she’s done for you.

easy Mothers Day crafts
Go shopping with your loving mom on Mother’s Day

30. Plan a travel trip for the future

Perhaps traveling to a distant location (or even the state next to yours) is a realistic Mother’s Day activity for your family in the near future. Let’s spend part of Mother’s Day researching fun places to visit. Do it over brunch, or simply set aside a few hours to dig in and plan an adventure together!

Mother's Day activity
The last activity idea for Mother’s Day

The above article gives you a list of the best 30 Mother’s Day activity ideas that you can refer to. Hopefully, you can choose a great idea for you and your mother to do together through the article. And don’t forget to contact TeeNavi for the fastest support if you have any questions!

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