How to make DIY Mother's Day bouquet: Step-to-step tutorials

How To Make DIY Mother’s Day Bouquet: Step-to-step Tutorials

Mother’s Day 2024 is coming, do you have any great ideas for a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet for your beloved mother? Fresh flower bouquets for the perfect gift are indispensable on these meaningful days. This year, try making a beautiful bouquet for your mother to show your love and appreciation for her. TeeNavi‘s article below will send you gorgeous bouquet ideas that you can refer to. Let’s take a look!

1. What You’ll Need

To make this DIY Mother’s Day bouquet, you will need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Of course, flowers are indispensable, including four types focal flower, secondary flower, filler flower, and greenery.
  • The flower shears or the kitchen scissors.
  • The rubber band or the hair tie
  • Vase
  • Paper Towel
  • Sandwich Bag
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon
diy Mother's Day bouquet
The ingredients that you will need for this project

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2. DIY Mother’s Day bouquet tutorial

With this DIY Mother’s Day flower bouquet idea, you just need to follow the following 9 steps to get a beautiful bouquet for your mother. Includes steps:

2.1. Step 1: Choose your flowers

The first step for a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet is to choose very fresh and beautiful flowers. You can consider choosing peonies that are clearly the focal flower. Also, flowers like ranunculus, tulips, roses, freesia, billy balls, and even carnations make excellent secondary blooms. You can use hydrangea or aster as filler in bouquets because they take up a lot of space. Besides, spray roses and stock also work well! Any kind of greenery will do.

diy flower bouquet for Mother's Day
Choosing the beautiful flower for a Mother’s Day bouquet

2.2. Step 2: Remove Leaves

An important step that you should not skip when making the DIY Mother’s Day bouquet is removing leaves. This step helps the water to travel directly to the flower rather than stopping at any of the leaves along the way up the stem.

diy Mother's Day paper flower bouquet
Removing the leaves in the second step

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2.3. Step 3: Trim Stems

This is important when you make a DIY bouquet for Mother’s Day. Because the diagonal cut allows the flowers to drink water more easily. You just need to trim the stems at this point, and you’ll cut them down further later.

Mother's Day bouquet diy
The 3rd step in making a bouquet for Mother’s Day

2.4. Step 4: Separate your flowers by type

When doing this step, you will know how many of each flower you have. Then, you place each type in a glass or vase filled with water while you design your DIY Mother’s Day bouquet. This helps the flowers stay fresher and not wilt as quickly.

diy Mother's Day candy bouquet
Divide your flowers by kind

2.5. Step 5: Arrange your flowers

For this fifth step of the tutorial on making your DIY Mother’s Day bouquet, follow these steps:

  • To begin, you choose one of each flower.
  • First, add your focal flower.
  • Then, you add a secondary flower or two.
  • Finally, add your filler flowers except for hydrangea.
  • Add the greenery next, turn your bouquet slightly, and continue to add flowers. Make sure your focal flowers are evenly distributed throughout. The goal is for your bouquet to look similar regardless of which direction you turn it!
diy bouquet for Mother's Day
Arrange your flowers for a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet

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2.6. Step 6: Wrap a rubber band or hair tie around your bouquet

You should wrap a rubber band or a hair tie around your bouquet because they keep the flowers together. Most flower shops and grocery stores both do this, so it’s a pro tip! Please take a look!

diy Mother's Day candy bouquet
Use the rubber band or hair tie to wrap your bouquet

2.7. Step 7: Wrap a paper towel around your bouquet

Let’s move to the next step of making a DIY flower bouquet for Mother’s Day! You need to dampen a paper towel but don’t soak it! Then, you place it around your flowers. This step will keep them near a water source until your mother pops flowers into a nice vase.

diy Mother's Day paper flower bouquet
Wrap your bouquet with a paper towel

2.8. Step 8: Add a sandwich bag

In this step for making your DIY Mother’s Day bouquet, you use a sandwich bag and wrap it around the part where you wrap the flower with a damp paper towel. This will keep the stem moist and hydrated with the water absorbed in the paper towel. Then, you use a rubber band or hair tie to keep this in place.

diy Mother's Day bouquet
The next step with using the sandwich bag

2.9. Step 9: Wrap & tie it up

We recommend using tissue paper because they come in various fun colors, patterns, and shapes and are extremely easy to work with. Stand your bouquet up in the center of the tissue paper (make sure the patterned/shiny side is not facing up). Next, let’s wrap the tissue paper around the sides of the bouquet. 

diy flower bouquet for Mother's Day
The last step in making Mother’s Day bouquets

This covers the blooms and exposes the shiny/patterned side of the tissue paper. Finally, tie the tissue paper with a ribbon, and you have the best Mother’s Day bouquet ever. This is also the final step in making a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet tutorial!

3. 10 DIY bouquets for Mother’s Day that you could try at home

Besides the beautiful flower bouquets, we introduced above, here are more than 10 other unique ideas that you can refer to:

3.1. Simple Elegance

This first DIY bouquet for Mother’s Day that you should not miss is simple but extremely elegant. It doesn’t get any simpler than an arrangement of pretty tulips in white, purple, and lavender tones. Your mother will definitely love it and put them in a lovely vase to look at throughout the days after Mother’s Day. Additionally, she can choose a clear glass vase to highlight the beautiful blooms.

diy Mother's Day flower bouquet
The simple and elegant bouquet for Mother’s Day

3.2. Bold Beauty

This Bold Beauty idea for a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet has everything a mother could possibly want. To recreate the bold look, you can use a mix of peach and hot pink roses, as well as bupleurum and carnations in various pink tones. Besides, you can vary the flower height to add interest. Don’t forget to finish the bouquet with greenery for texture and a ribbed vase for added glam.

Mother's Day bouquet diy
A unique bouquet with a Bold Beauty theme

3.3. Rustic Charm

Fill a woven basket with a thoughtful arrangement of roses, carnations, stock, lilies, and Fuji mums. To add to the impact of the pink floral arrangement, surround it with lush greenery. Just as simple as that, you have completed the gorgeous idea for the DIY Mother’s Day bouquet!

diy bouquet for Mother's Day
Fill the woven basket with beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day

3.4. Spring Hues

A bouquet with a spring hues theme is the next DIY flower bouquet for Mother’s Day idea you can refer to. Let’s embrace the beauty of spring with an arrangement of pink roses, green hydrangea, pink alstroemeria, and classic pink carnations. To complement the flowers’ soft colors, you can choose a simple wooden box—an unexpected touch that demonstrates your creativity.

diy Mother's Day candy bouquet
A bouquet of fresh spring flowers for Mother’s Day

3.5. Bouquet of the Month

Giving flowers to your mother doesn’t just stop at Mother’s Day, you can show your love by giving her monthly flowers. You can sign up for a flower delivery package for your mother between the 16th and 23rd of each month at local flower shops. Depending on each month, the flower shop has a special pattern, or you can choose the right flowers yourself and ask the shop to package them.

diy Mother's Day paper flower bouquet
Give your mom beautiful flower bouquets every month

3.6. Tissue Paper Flowers Bouquet

Tissue paper isn’t just for wrapping presents, it can also be the material to create a beautiful DIY Mother’s Day bouquet. With some simple techniques, it allows you to create stunning, lifelike flowers that will never wilt. Creating beautiful flowers with your own hands and then wrapping them into a sparkling bouquet will make your mother feel touched and extremely happy on Mother’s Day.

diy Mother's Day bouquet
A cute cotton bouquet made from tissue paper

3.7. Rose Cake Pops

Rose Cake Pops for handmade bouquets carry the meaning of sophistication and special love that you convey to your mother. The beauties of them may look like real flowers, but they are delicious cake pops. Your mom will be blown away and extremely impressed with this DIY Mother’s Day bouquet!

diy flower bouquet for Mother's Day
Beautiful edible roses for mom

3.8. DIY Floral Sconce Bouquet

DIY floral sconce bouquet will help you express your love and gratitude to your mother. Also, this DIY Mother’s Day flower bouquet idea is a great way to celebrate and honor your mother’s presence in your life. Fill this handmade “vase” with her favorite blooms, and Mom will be happy to hang it anywhere.

diy Mother's Day flower bouquet
Making the floral sconce bouquet for your mother

3.9. Fruit Bouquet

Fruit bouquets are a unique and creative DIY Mother’s Day bouquet. By crafting a fruit bouquet yourself, you can show your thoughtfulness, and effort in making a special gift for your mother. Additionally, the fruits also bring health benefits and sweetness to your mother. Overall, a handmade fruit bouquet for Mother’s Day is an idea worth trying.

Mother's Day bouquet diy
Make a healthy bouquet for your mom with fresh fruit

3.10. Mini Flower Bouquets

This DIY Mother’s Day bouquet is ideal for giving to all of the special women in your life. This small bouquet can also become a cute decoration for mothers to place on their desk or bookshelf. It will remind her of the love and care you have for her.

diy bouquet for Mother's Day
Mini cute flower bouquets for your mom on Mother’s Day

3.11. Assorted Tulips

Tulips, a popular flower for Mother’s Day, represent beauty and elegance. The variety of tulips represents the various characteristics and strengths that mothers possess. If your mom’s favorite flowers are tulips, she’ll love this colorful DIY flower bouquet for Mother’s Day.

diy Mother's Day candy bouquet
A colorful bouquet for Mother’s Day with tulips

3.12. Anthropologie Floral Bouquet Diffuser

Anthropologie floral bouquet diffuser is the next idea for a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet that we want to suggest to you. This idea is a diffuser, so it will fill your mom’s home with sweet scents for weeks after Mother’s Day. Don’t miss this unique bouquet idea for your loving mom!

diy Mother's Day paper flower bouquet
A DIY bouquet for your mom with a unique idea

3.13. Anthropologie Mini Preserved Floral Bouquet

We come to the final idea for the DIY Mother’s Day bouquet in today’s article. These flower bouquets can be used as decorations to keep the mother’s space always feeling cheerful and fresh. So, let’s consider sending a bouquet of brightly colored dried flowers as a gift that will last long after Mother’s Day.

diy Mother's Day bouquet
The last bouquet idea for Mother’s Day

The above article includes the tutorial on making the DIY Mother’s Day bouquet and some other beautiful bouquet ideas that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have a suitable idea to send your mother a beautiful bouquet on this meaningful day. Don’t forget to contact TeeNavi if you have any questions and need our support!

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