20 Unique Diy Thanksgiving Gifts That Everyone Will Appreciate

20 Unique DIY Thanksgiving Gifts That Everyone Will Appreciate

DIY Thanksgiving gifts are a great idea to impress everyone on this special occasion. Today, TeeNavi is going to bring 20 suggestions for you.

Thanksgiving is a special occasion to reunite with loved ones and express your love and gratitude to them. Homemade gifts for Thanksgiving will surprise and delight your host more than a bottle of wine you used to use at every Thanksgiving party before.

Homemade gifts for Thanksgiving will surprise and delight your host

No matter what party you’re going to this season, you probably want to show appreciation for your host’s hospitality. Check out this list of DIY Thanksgiving gifts for friends below.

1. 10 cheap and easy DIY Thanksgiving gifts ideas

1.1. Custom Posters

A custom poster is a work of art made up of images, words, graphics, etc. to convey a message to people. Therefore,  it will be cute DIY Thanksgiving gifts suitable for both professional and amateur designers.

Your loved ones will probably appreciate such a thoughtful and personalized gift from you. 

Custom Posters will be cute DIY Thanksgiving gifts

1.2. Body Scrub

Body scrubs are easier to do yourself than imagined. The necessary ingredients are very simple and familiar to everyone such as coffee, salt, lemon, coconut oil, etc. 

Homemade gifts: body scrub

Exfoliating the body brings many benefits such as: making skin brighter and healthier, and supporting the next skincare steps in the cycle, etc. Besides, it is also an effective way to relax and reduce stress. 

This is a great idea for DIY Thanksgiving gifts for women, isn’t it? 

1.3. Personalized Wooden Hangers

Although wooden hangers are common items in daily life, they are rarely noticed and chosen as meaningful gifts on special occasions except weddings. 

An interesting DIY Thanksgiving gift for close friends

On the other hand, a personalized wooden hanger can be an interesting DIY Thanksgiving gift for close friends. Surely, they will be very funny and surprised because this gift not only shows your skills but also shows your care and sophistication in choosing gifts.

1.4. Rice Bag Warmers

Winter is a very suitable time to send rice bag warmers gifts to loved ones. These will help people keep warm when they are out. Besides, rice bag warmers have many designs and textures for you to consider making. 

Send rice bag warmers gifts to loved ones

Such cute DIY Thanksgiving gifts will surely be appreciated by the recipient for their usefulness. Especially, rice bag warmers in someone’s favorite color make them pleased when they open gifts.

1.5. Personalized Vintage T-Shirts

Thanksgiving is an occasion to express gratitude to the most meaningful people in your life. This is the time to be grateful for the values that your loved ones have brought to you in the past.

A classic and intimate gift like Personalized Vintage T-Shirts will probably surprise and delight your family members. Especially, if you intentionally choose T-shirts with the same design for all family members as DIY Thanksgiving gifts. 

A classic and intimate gift – Personalized Vintage T-Shirts

Aren’t Personalized Vintage T-Shirts a good idea to create a cozy atmosphere in your home? Or modern T-shirts with a Thanksgiving theme are not a bad choice.

1.6. Monogrammed Soap Bottle

If you are a talented artist with skillful hands, Monogrammed Soap Bottle is probably the right choice for you. This DIY gift allows you to create a personalized feature through the logo symbol – a monogram.

Monogrammed Soap Bottle

Monogrammed Soap Bottle makes a homemade Thanksgiving gift so much more interesting and feels like it’s a limited edition globally. What an attractive gift! 

1.7. Beautiful Pillows

Sweet dreams will come to you every night if you have a soft and warm pillow. Surely, your close friends will be very happy to receive this message with a beautiful pillow on Thanksgiving. 

Beautiful Pillows are a unique idea for DIY Thanksgiving gifts

Beautiful Pillow is a unique idea for DIY Thanksgiving gifts for friends. You just buy a pillow with a single color, then decorate it according to your creativity. It sounds simple and easy to complete. 

1.8. Cup Cozy

Happiness sometimes exists in simple things, for example, a hot cup of coffee or tea in a cold winter. It will be even more meaningful if your favorite drink is kept in a cup cozy that was given by your lover.

Cup Cozy

Therefore, the fastest way to win a girl or guy’s heart this winter is to give her or him a cozy cup made by yourself. 

1.9. Ruffle Scarf

A ruffle scarf seems to be an indispensable item for anyone when the weather turns cold. A handmade scarf will show your care and love for the recipient. This is also your opportunity to show off your knitting skills.

A ruffle scarf seems to be an indispensable item in winter

It’s a good idea for Thanksgiving DIY gifts. Knit a beautiful ruffle scarf with all your heart and give it to the people who matter most to you. 

1.10. Framed Monogram Wall Art

Similar to Custom Posters, Framed Monogram Wall Art is an interesting gift idea for beauty lovers.

Your loved ones will probably love this gift. Moreover, the feeling of seeing your gift hanging on someone’s wall is probably very similar to the feeling of achieving an accomplishment in life. 

Framed Monogram Wall Art

Those reasons are probably enough to convince you to choose Framed Monogram Wall Art idea as your DIY Thanksgiving gift this year. 

2. 10 Best DIY Thanksgiving gifts for friends

2.1. Custom Mugs

The cold winter air can absorb more water from the skin and cause dryness. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish water to help the body improve this dehydration in winter.

A Custom mug is perfect for displaying on the desk and thanking close friends because they have accompanied and supported you in life for a long time. Therefore, you should consider the custom mugs option for DIY Thanksgiving gifts. 

Custom Mugs

Check out the unique mugs with a variety of Thanksgiving themes available only at TeeNavi. 

2.2. Citrus-rose sugar scrub bars

It’s great for bringing new life to your dry and flaky skin in winter with its novel exfoliating recipe. Citrus-rose sugar scrub bars are made up of natural ingredients including essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax that can help moisturize even the driest skin.

Citrus-rose sugar scrub bars

Research the recipe and make citrus-rose sugar scrub bars right away to dedicate them to your friends, especially girls. 

2.3. DIY flip photo album

Although it isn’t a new idea, a DIY flip photo album is an impressive DIY Thanksgiving gift this season. It is cheap and not too difficult to make but it does a good job of preserving the good memories of your loved ones and staying with them forever.

DIY flip photo album

Such a meaningful gift will probably make someone’s Thanksgiving this year special.

2.4. DIY mid-century modern planter

DIY mid-century modern planter is the current DIY trend. However, it is quite complicated to do it yourself, so it probably takes a lot of skill and time to complete.

A DIY mid-century modern planter

A DIY mid-century modern planter is an engaging gift idea for your plant-loving friends. On the other hand, you can also use it to decorate your home for Thanksgiving or check out some other unique decorations at TeeNavi

2.5. No-sew braided velvet headband

Almost all women own a headband. It is not only a necessary item but also a lovely accessory. Traditional headbands are usually more suitable for use in the skincare routine, while no-sew braided ones are a pretty hair accessory that adds tenderness and femininity to girls’ looks.

No-sew braided velvet headband

A no-sew braided velvet headband will probably help you impress your friends. Find out your friends’ favorite color or style to order as soon as possible.

2.6. Super fun magnet board DIY

Super fun magnet board DIY will be a great gift for your friends’ kids this holiday. You can recycle old frames and wrapping paper and give them a new look with a super fun magnet board DIY. Surely, it will bring surprise and joy to kids. 

Super fun magnet board DIY will be a great gift for your friends’ kids

Gifts not only carry a spiritual meaning but also contain the love and care of the giver. What a sweet present for the holiday!

2.7. Coffee bath bombs

Coffee Bath Bombs can be very addictive for coffee lovers. But even if you are not a coffee fanatic, this is a product worth trying because it is good for your skin. Especially, in winter, people often spend a lot of time taking care of their skin.

Coffee bath bombs

Thus, choosing Coffee Bath Bombs as homemade gifts for Thanksgiving is the best DIY gift idea if you don’t have much time to prepare.

2.8. DIY faux stoneware candle holder

With just two inexpensive materials, polymer clay and sand, you can create a creative Thanksgiving gift called the DIY faux stoneware candle holder.

DIY faux stoneware candle holder

This is probably an item that everyone should have to make a Thanksgiving party cozy and fantastic. Hence, let’s give it to those close to you.

2.9. No-sew plaid flannel blanket

A boring scarf can make your look unfashionable this winter. However, a trendy no-sew plaid flannel blanket will probably be the perfect gift for friends, especially women, on Thanksgiving.

No-sew plaid flannel blanket

An easy way to make a relationship closer is to give this meaningful gift to show your care and respect for your friends.

2.10. Embroidered notebooks

Embroided notebooks will be the best idea for crafty girls looking for a DIY Thanksgiving gift option for friends. Everyone can’t refuse such a cute, classic, and useful gift. In particular, the notebook is an item suitable for all ages, whether the recipient is a student or a working person.

Embroidered notebooks

Prepare the necessary tools and perform right now to have an emotional Thanksgiving season.

3. Where can you find DIY Thanksgiving gifts?

Although giving gifts is not an official Thanksgiving activity, you can do DIY Thanksgiving gifts as a way of expressing your love and gratitude to the people who play an important role in your life.

Through this post, we hope you have made the best gift selection for your friends as well as your significant other. Don’t forget to visit the TeeNavi store for more unique gifts.

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