Top 10 Homemade Food Gifts for Thanksgiving Easy to Make

Top 10 Homemade Food Gifts for Thanksgiving Easy to Make

Homemade food gifts for Thanksgiving are considered a great idea among many common things. Those presents will show the host that you pay great attention to them and also make you outstanding at the party. Check out TeeNavi’list below to find out an appropriate one!

1. Top 10 Recipes of Homemade Food Gifts for Thanksgiving 

Without a doubt, everyone will think about pie and turkey when it comes to Thanksgiving. Traditionally, people will gather around at a party for celebrating such a special day. 

To add more enjoyment to every dish and help the host out while they must prepare a lot of things, you can bring along some Thanksgiving homemade food gifts to the party. We’ve already prepared some ideas that you can pick up depending on your preference.

1.1. Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

Those truffles will provide you with a relaxed dessert for the occasion. With a bite of those decent, you will find a combination of sweet coming from chocolate and creamy led by peanut butter. The outstanding point of this recipe lies in its surface with some salty, crispy pretzels.

Sweet and relaxed truffles for Thanksgiving dessert

1.2. Hot Buttered Cider Mix

Both children and adults can drink this hot buttered cider mix, that’s why you could consider bringing it to a Thanksgiving party. On top of that, this drink doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time. It takes only 10 minutes for the sweet, immersive mixture. 

Immersive, friendly-kids hot buttered cider mix

1.3. Cranberry Honey Butter

Cranberry Honey Butter makes any meal a little more exciting and special. It has a fluffy texture coming along with a wonderful flavor of fruits. Depending on your reference, you can replace cranberries with cherries or blueberries. And if you a big fan of pancakes, you can also add in some maple syrup.

Crunchy cranberry honey butter adds more excitement to your Thanksgiving

1.4. Caramel Apple Jam

Caramel Apple Jam isn’t about apples and sugar, but cinnamon and nutmeg too. When lying in your mouth, this dessert will come as a flavor blast. Taking this jam as homemade baked Thanksgiving gifts, you’re sure to make the host appreciate and the party more enjoyable!

Turn the host to enjoyable with caramel apple jam

1.5. Bananas Foster Crunch Mix

This mixture can be used as an appetizer and a dessert. Foster bananas are popular with their sweet and nice smell, so what’s more wonderful than turning them into a crunchy version? Everyone can sip on this tasty mixture while waiting for the main meal to be prepared.

Bananas foster crunch mix for both appetizers and desserts

1.6. Creamy Caramels

Creamy Caramels are made from soft buttery that will melt sweetly in your mouth. These friendly-kids caramels should give a flavor and creamy taste as a dessert after the main dishes. Trust us, it’s worth your time and effort since more delicious than store-bought ones.

Creamy caramels give a sweet smell to your mouth

1.7. Chunky Fruit and Nut Relish

To make the main course of this special day more enjoyable, you can bring along with Chunky Fruit and Nut Relish as homemade Thanksgiving food gifts. With something like ham, poultry, cake, and so on, you can spread a bit of this relish to increase the flavor.

Increase the flavor for Thanksgiving meals with chunky fruit and nut relish

1.8. Oatmeal Chip Cookie Mix

Oatmeal Chip Cookie Mix takes you a total of 30 minutes. It’s quite long, but the finished product is worth it. Crunchy cookies, along with soft oatmeal and flavored coconut make this one of the most popular Thanksgiving gifts bake homemade.

Soft and sweet oatmeal chip cookie mix

1.9. Delicious Chocolate Sauce

Looking for Thanksgiving food gifts to make that don’t take a lot of time? TeeNavi’s gotten your back. To make this sauce, you just stir all the ingredients in only 10 minutes! 

The sauce can be used to decorate many ice creams, and on top of that, this present will be appropriate for those who don’t have so much time but want to make themselves a gift.

Decorate ice cream with delicious chocolate sauce

1.10. Gingerbread Syrup

Gingerbread syrup can be coupled with many dishes, not for Thanksgiving day, but almost any meal. If you want a little sweet, try with pancake, yogurt, or cereal. In terms of savory, putting Gingerbread syrup on sausages, squashes, or salmons is also a good idea.

More savory to your dishes with gingerbread syrup

2. 10 alternative gift ideas for Thanksgiving

The top 10 homemade food gifts for Thanksgiving listed above are ideal for such a special day as Thanksgiving. Those who don’t have a lot of time or are a bit clumsy, though, might find it difficult to prepare themselves a decent one.

You shouldn’t be worried if it is the case. TeeNavi’s offered some replacement recommendations for Thanksgiving that are both meaningful and friendly-budget. Let’s take a look at our list below for a wonderful present!

2.1. Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt

Shirts’re a terrific present for everyone, not only they’re fashionable, but also can be worn in every season. With a turkey pattern, this shirt fits well with the Thanksgiving theme and makes you outstanding at the party.

Fashionable, funny Thanksgiving turkey shirt

2.2. Makeup Bag for Moms

This bag is a meaningful but practical present. In terms of the design, it features a moving message “Mothers and daughters never truly part. Maybe in distance, but never in heart” which certainly ease families dealing with long distance. 

With the ability to waterproof up to 100%, this bag can be used for a long time without being ruined. Since it is 9.7 in size, this bag can hold skincare items, smartphones, cosmetics, etc. 

Blue Leaves Gifts for Mom Makeup Bag for families dealing with long-distance

2.3. Wooden Hearts Plaque

Unlike the bag above, this plaque can’t be used for any practical purpose, but it could be a lovely, thoughtful ornament for your mother-in-law. 

Featuring a heartwarming message and a sustainable material of wood, this gift will stay forever on the wall or windowsill. This is a symbol of a nice relationship between the daughter and her mother-in-law. 

Your mother-in-law deserves a meaningful wooden hearts plaque present

2.4. Pocket Watch with Special Engraved Lettering

All fathers deserve to have a gift on such a special day as Thanksgiving. Covered with engraved letters, the pocket watch expresses the love and admiration of their daughters. 

This item is resistant to rust thanks to being made from durable zinc alloy. On top of that, it comes with dark metal for a cool look and a security chain for use easily.

Every father deserves to receive a pocket watch

2.5. Mom Thanksgiving Sweatshirt

Spending almost her life raising and taking care of her children, every mother should be celebrated on this special occasion. Besides homemade food gifts for Thanksgiving, you can pick up a sweatshirt with a meaningful message or some lovely pattern. 

When unboxing this gift, certainly your mom will move to tears. She can mix this sweatshirt with any piece of clothing. For going to work, hanging out with friends, or other purposes, this item can handle all of them.

Mom Thanksgiving sweatshirt will bring a happy face to your mother

2.6. Foaming Hand Soap

To choose the right foaming hand soap for Thanksgiving day, you can pick up ones with a pumpkin or turkey scent. This hand soap is suited for families coming to get a nice holiday on this special occasion. They certainly will love the user-friendly and hygienic design of the pump action.

Foaming hand soap for every family on a nice holiday

2.7. Butterfly Flowers Canvas

If you have a beloved nature and bird lover, this poster is the exact gift for you. Your beloved one will love it at first look thanks to the charming words, hummingbirds, and flowers featured on its front. The item can be placed in the kitchen or living room, which will dress up your space.

Pretty Butterflies Flying Around Beautiful Flowers When Someone You Love Becomes A Memory The Memory Becomes A Treasure Poster

2.8. Ground Coffee with Pumpkin Flavor

The ground coffee is a combination of 100% Arabica coffee and pumpkin spice flavoring. Gift this one as a present for Thanksgiving day if your friend is a coffee lover who always wants to try new spices. Made from 100% Arabica coffee, you just need a scoop to stay active all day long.

Paramount Roasters Coffee Pumpkin Pie Flavored Ground Coffee for any coffee lover

2.9. Stemless Wine Glasses

Not being used for drinking, you also take advantage of those glasses for holding candles. With those glasses, you shouldn’t be worried about the recipients since this gift fits perfectly with everyone. 

Offering a seamless design, this item is easy to hold. Furthermore, the glasses will make your party more joyful and are enough durable for using many Thanksgiving days to come.

Chill some wine with fall stemless wine glasses


2.10. Plaid Blanket Winter Scarf 

Speaking of the design, this item is 55 by 55 inches in size which helps them can hold 2 duties at the same time. You can use it as an oversized scarf or a small blanket for a warm, festive feeling on Thanksgiving day. 

If you’re not confident to make homemade food gifts for Thanksgiving on your own, gifting this one is also a perfect way to show love and care to your woman. Certainly, she will think of you when wearing this scarf every day.

Stylish and cozy women’s plaid blanket winter scarf

2. Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a perfect occasion for showing love and admiration for those who mean the most to you. You can choose from a wide range of options for a gift on this special day, but don’t forget to add some heartwarming words for a more sentimental present.

Hope you find out the right homemade food gifts for Thanksgiving with some of the recommendations above. Remember TeeNavi’s always by your side and gives you the best choice for personalized gifts!

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