Suggested Combination Pleated Skirt Hourglass Figure Outfits

Suggested Combination Pleated Skirt Hourglass Figure Outfits

Pleated skirt hourglass figure has made an unbelievable comeback recently after a while away from the fashion pages. Previously, this dress was worn only by college students and older women but has now become a staple in women’s wardrobes for both everyday elegance and stylization. So what are the criteria to help choose the right pleated skirt and how to mix the outfit in a trendy way? The following article from TeeNavi will be the answer for you!

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1. 4 Criteria Choose a pleated skirt hourglass figure

Correct length, width, style, and combination are important pleated skirt hourglass figure selection factors. Following are the details:

1.1. Correct length

The first criterion is the length of pleated skirt hourglass figure. Any length, whether mini or maxi, will look well on you if your legs are slim. Choose a shorter length instead, if you have thick calves. Since these skirts terminate exactly at the calf, they will call attention to that area and make you appear even bulkier. Conversely, if you are petite, skirts that fall just above your ankle will look great on you. The maxi length is appropriate for tall, trim people.

pleated skirt hourglass figure
The length of the hourglass-shaped pleated skirt

1.2. Correct width

Let me now discuss the second requirement, which is enough width. The pleats of pleated skirt hourglass figure may make your hips appear notably bulky. Your skirt will look ugly if it is too narrow since the lower portion will open like a fan. So, if you have wide hips (a pear shape), you can avoid this issue by selecting an A-line dress that is a little wider. 

pleated skirt hourglass figure
The pleats of a pleated skirt may make your hips look noticeably large

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1.3. The appropriate style

While skirt styles for hourglass figure are the focal point of an ensemble, other pieces should take a backseat. On tops, blouses, and jackets, avoid using designs that are too striking.

pleated skirt hourglass figure
One of the requirements is picking the proper look

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1.4. The ideal combination

The pleated skirt hourglass figure actually conveys a fairly conservative image because it is usually worn by either mature women or young girls. Just keep a few fashion advice in mind and pair the proper items with them to look stylish and current. Please put away the ballerinas and flamboyant shirts first. They really don’t go with skirts with pleats.

hourglass figure skirts
The perfect fusion of top and skirt styling

2. Suggested dress pleated skirt hourglass figure outfits

Here are 4 suggestions that you can refer to when wearing a pleated skirt hourglass figure:

2.1. Pleated skirt mix shirt with cardigan

The first outfit is skirt styles for hourglass figure mixing a shirt with a cardigan. With the well-defined black lines on each pleat, the pleats in the hip area will draw attention to whatever rounder hips you may have. One of the issues I experienced when wearing my pleated skirt was this. Someone with less curve in their hips or with straighter hips would definitely benefit from this. 

pleated skirt hourglass figure
The outfit of a cardigan, shirt, and pleated skirt

The length is the second issue. The midi length of this skirt tends to fall precisely at the broadest part of the calf, enlarging them. This is a major no-no for anyone with thick calves and ankles. So go ahead if you’re petite with trim calves and ankles!

2.2. Heels combination shirt, a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts aren’t just for maxi and midi skirts, you don’t want to look like a schoolgirl in a skirt that’s too short. The perfect length to accentuate the legs is just below the knee, where pleated skirt hourglass figure hangs down. This skirt is thicker, taller, and can help shape the waist better, another advantage. When combined with this dress with a white top and high heels, it will give you a youthful and elegant look.

skirt styles for hourglass figure
This combination gives you an elegant and youthful representation

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2.3. A tight crepe collar and flats, pleated skirt

Monochromatic columns can be created to give a longer and thinner look to pleated skirts. When the body is cut straight in the middle, it can make you look heavier because there is less space between your top and bottom half. The length of the pleated skirt hourglass figure prevents it from cutting right into the thickest part of your calves. 

hourglass figure skirts
Pleated skirts and tight-neck tops look sumptuous when worn together

Therefore, combining pleated comedy with a tight collar shirt, will create a luxurious feeling and help the wearer to respect their figure. However, given its length, it might be difficult for a petite person to wear this dress.

2.4. Pleated skirt with a tee, shoes

Despite its flattering length, this pleated skirt reaches mid-calf, so be careful. This dress has the advantage of having knife pleats and not accordion pleats, which means the pleats only point in one direction.

hourglass figure skirts
Try wearing a pleated skirt with a T-shirt, shoes, and accessories

Compared to accordion folds, these larger folds have a better chance of lying flat. Knife folds are also more comfortable to wear with a shirt without pleats than accordion folds because they lie flat and don’t swell under thin clothing. The combination of skirt styles for hourglass figure and t-shirts is an outfit that you should try!

3. How to wear pleated skirts in personal style?

When you know how to match an outfit with pleated skirt hourglass figure, you can make an ordinary dress even more gorgeous and special. However, remember to tuck all the tops into the skirt, except for the oversized sweater. Here are 3 outfit styles for you:

3.1. Casual elegance

To wear a pleated skirt hourglass figure to work or a cocktail party, choose a dark color like emerald green, dark crimson, or black. You should wear a tailored, slim-fitting top. 

pleated skirt hourglass figure
When you coordinate with pleated skirts, casual elegance is a basic look

You can highlight your beautiful style with high-heeled shoes when wearing pleated skirts with a belt at the waist. I suggest silk and satin for a refined appearance because they drape easily. For evening activities, you can, of course, also wear tight strapless tops or pleated skirts with tight lace tops.

3.2. Fashionable look

Metallic pleated skirts with an asymmetrical cut or made of leather are quite stylish. To keep the ensemble from being fancy, use a gold or silver pleated skirt with a simple but stylish t-shirt with a design in softer hues.

pleated skirt hourglass figure
Your ability to look stylish and current will be aided by the proper selection of pleated skirts

If you choose the leather option, match the hourglass figure skirts with a broad jacket that is at least knee-length. A white shirt fits equally well. Style the pleated skirt with a lace top or a sensual short top for a party look. If a gold skirt is more your style, a basic black t-shirt, and shoulder bag will instantly exude effortless elegance.

3.3. Romantic style

Pleated skirt hourglass figure in light colors, such as white, light blue, or light pink, can give you a graceful look. The Tulle or part of the skirt can be transparent. Wide skirts with box pleats also appear chic.

pleated skirt hourglass figure
Romantic attire is yet another look to wear with pleated skirt hourglass figure

With heels, you can add femininity to a romantic look that looks great with sneakers or sandals. You can pair it with a bag in black and pink, which blends sporty elegance and romantic style. This is an ideal choice for you.

All women probably have a pleated skirt hourglass figure tucked away in their closet that they never thought they would wear often. However, if you mix and match properly, you will feel more comfortable with this type of skirt. Hope the above article has helped you in choosing the right outfit. If you have any questions, please contact TeeNavi right away!

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