20 Best Realtor Thanksgiving Gifts That Can Impress Your Clients

20 Best Realtor Thanksgiving Gifts That Can Impress Your Clients

If you are a real estate broker, have you ever thought about giving your customers meaningful realtor Thanksgiving gifts? Giving your clients presents is one of the ideal ways to show them how grateful you are for co-operating with them.

If you are still finding suitable gifts for your clients, keep reading! TeeNavi will suggest some cheap real estate Thanksgiving idea gifts that can make your customers feel surprised.

A Thanksgiving meal

1. 20 realtor Thanksgiving gifts that every client will appreciate

Your real estate can cost your clients a huge amount of money. Therefore, it is important to give them suitable presents to show your gratitude. Furthermore, giving your real estate clients meaningful realtor Thanksgiving gifts is a thoughtful way to encourage them to buy your products in the future. 

If you are struggling to find gifts for your customers, TeeNavi recommends 20 thoughtful presents that you can send to your clients. 

1.1. Thanksgiving Cookies

If your clients have a sweet tooth, you can give them some cookies as Thanksgiving gifts. During busy Thanksgiving days, your cookies will be perfect snacks to fulfill your customers’ stomachs. 

Turkey cookies

Furthermore, you can cook cookies by yourself or buy them from many sources such as bakeries and online food stores. Therefore, Thanksgiving cookies are not only thoughtful but also practical presents for your clients.

1.2. Lovely lip balm

Lovely lip balm can be a thoughtful gift on this Thanksgiving occasion. The cold atmosphere of November can negatively influence the lips of your customers. With these lip balms, your clients can not only make up themselves but also protect their lips from the frozen weather. 

Pink lip balms

1.3. Thanksgiving ornament

How about impressing your real estate clients with some Thanksgiving ornaments? These ornaments can not only make your customers feel surprised but also bring the atmosphere of Thanksgiving occasions to their houses. Furthermore, ornaments can be used as decorations in your customers’ rooms.

A Thanksgiving ornament with a turkey design

Let’s visit TeeNavi’s website to buy more Thanksgiving ornaments with several designs!

1.4. Holiday Music CD  

If your real estate clients are fans of holiday songs, why don’t you give them a collection of holiday music CDs? These CDs will be not only thoughtful but also cheap real estate thanksgiving idea gifts. With these presents, your clients can listen to a variety of holiday songs during Thanksgiving days.

A Thanksgiving CD

1.5. Thanksgiving cake

How about giving your customers Thanksgiving cakes as realtor Thanksgiving gifts? After long busy days, your customers might not have enough time to cook and take care of themselves. Therefore, Thanksgiving cakes can help your clients fulfill their stomachs on these days.

A Thanksgiving cake

1.6. Sweet Candy Canes

If your clients have children in their houses, giving them a basket of colorful candy canes as real estate Thanksgiving gifts can be a suitable option. In the book “How to win friends and influence people” written by Dale Carnegie, we are recommended to take care of someone’s children if we want to get their beliefs.

Therefore, by giving clients candy canes, you can not only delight your customers’ days but also increase their trust. As a result, they are more likely to buy your products in the future.   

Several sweet candy canes

1.7. A basket of grains

If your customers are on balanced diets, how about giving them a basket of grains as real estate Thanksgiving gifts? This gift will surely prove how well you know your customers. Additionally, grains can be healthy snacks when your customers are tired after long busy days at their offices. 

A basket of grains

1.8. Thanksgiving t-shirts

One of the most meaningful realtor Thanksgiving gifts is a t-shirt. By giving your clients Thanksgiving t-shirts, you can show how much you want to take care of your customers. These presents can keep your clients warm when winter comes.

A “Hello Pumpkin” t-shirt

Furthermore, t-shirts can be found in many sources such as fashion shops and online stores. Therefore, this will be a perfect option if you are having difficulties seeking gifts for your customers. 

Another advantage of this gift is that you can print your companies’ logos on the t-shirts before giving them to your clients. This present will surely be a perfect marketing tool. 

You can visit TeeNavi’s website to find more Thanksgiving t-shirts with different designs.

1.9. Flowers

If your clients are women, how about giving them flowers as Thanksgiving presents? No one can deny that flowers are always perfect gifts for any occasion. Additionally, these presents will be significant gifts because of not only their beauty but also their fragrance. 

Colorful flowers

Furthermore, you can easily buy flowers from supermarkets and online shops, which is suitable for people struggling to find presents. In addition, you can customize your bunches of flowers before giving them to your customers. 

1.10. Perfume

Perfume can be a gentle present for your real estate customers. Nowadays, there are a variety of perfumes on the market including Chanel Bleu, Laura Anne, Versace, De Memoria, and so on. These perfume brands are famous for their unique fragrances. Therefore, these presents can boost your clients’ confidence when hanging out with their friends.

Perfumes and dishes

1.11. Coffee mugs

How about giving your customers coffee mugs as Thanksgiving presents? They will surely be impressed by your gifts. Giving your customers these gifts is a way to remind them of drinking water and take care of themselves. Furthermore, coffee cups can be found in many stores nowadays. Therefore, this is a suitable option if you are struggling to find Thanksgiving gifts.

A Thanksgiving coffee mug with a turkey design and the quote “Why the silence?”

Furthermore, you can even personalize the designs of coffee mugs to suit the fashion styles of your clients. As a result, your customers will surely feel surprised due to these special gifts.

1.12. Scented candles

If you realize that your customers are under pressure due to some significant issues, you can give them some scented candles as Thanksgiving gifts. The fragrance of these candles will help your clients feel relaxed after leaving their offices. Furthermore, these gifts can make their rooms smell good.

A Thanksgiving-scented candle

1.13. Blankets

How about giving your customers blankets as Thanksgiving presents? They are not only thoughtful but also useful for your clients. These Thanksgiving blankets can be perfect decorations for your customers’ bedrooms. Additionally, these blankets will keep your customers warm during frozen days.

A Thanksgiving blanket

1.14. A box of tea bags

You can keep your customers warm by giving them boxes of tea bags as Thanksgiving presents. Tea is also a healthy drink that can calm your customers after long busy days. Drinking tea is also an effective way to lose fat in our bodies. Therefore, this present can be suitable for customers who are on a balanced diet. 

A set of colorful tea bags

1.15. Wine bottles

If your clients are fans of wine, how about giving them some wine bottles as Thanksgiving presents? These wine bottles will not only perfect drinks during Thanksgiving evenings but also decorations for your customers’ houses. 

Four wine boxes

1.16. Jams

You can give your customers jams as Thanksgiving gifts if they love eating bread with these dishes. Thanks to these presents, your clients can easily prepare their breakfast meals with jams and sandwiches, which saves them a huge amount of time.  

A bowl of jam

Additionally, jams can easily be bought from several sources such as supermarkets and online stores. Therefore, this can be an optimal option if you are having difficulty looking for suitable gifts.

1.17. A set of kitchen towels

If your customers are responsible for all meals of their families, how about sending a set of kitchen towels to them as presents on this Thanksgiving occasion? These colorful towels will not only help your clients with cleaning their kitchens but also decorate their houses.

A set of blue kitchen towels

1.18. Smartphone

You can make your customers feel surprised by giving them smartphones as Thanksgiving presents. This is also a perfect marketing tool. Specifically, you can add your phone number to the phonebook of these smartphones before giving them to your clients. 

A hand holding a smartphone

Furthermore, giving your customers these smartphones means that you want to keep in contact with them for a long time. As a result, whenever your clients use these smartphones, they will probably remember you. 

1.19. Calendar with Thanksgiving designs

How about giving your customers calendars with Thanksgiving designs on this occasion? With these Thanksgiving gifts, your clients can check dates and years whenever they want. 

A calendar with Thanksgiving designs

Furthermore, giving your clients calendars can be a marketing method. Specifically, you can print the logos of your real estate projects on the calendar. Therefore, they can see the logos and remember your projects whenever looking at the calendars.

1.20. A Thanksgiving turkey 

How about cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and giving this dish to your customer? This gift will probably delight your customer’s Thanksgiving days. Additionally, cooking Thanksgiving turkey is not a simple activity. Therefore, this present can save your client a lot of time in preparing his/ her Thanksgiving meal.

A Thanksgiving turkey

2. Are you still looking for realtor Thanksgiving gifts?

If you are still finding realtor Thanksgiving gifts, visiting TeeNavi’s website can be an optimal option for you. We will surely help you solve your problems by providing a wide range of magnificent presents.

TeeNavi is a firm selling a variety of gifts for different occasions such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Furthermore, this company allows their customers to customize their presents as much as they can. Therefore, with the help of TeeNavi, you can find many gifts which can impress your clients and friends.

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