19+ Best Thanksgiving Cookie Gifts To Amaze Your Loved Ones

19+ Best Thanksgiving Cookie Gifts To Amaze Your Loved Ones

Giving your loved ones thoughtful Thanksgiving cookie gifts is one of the special ways to show your feelings to them. TeeNavi will suggest some Thanksgiving presents that you can send to your family and friends on this occasion. 

1. 20 Best Thanksgiving cookie gifts that show your gratitude

If your friends or family members are fans of cookies, there are multiple ideal Thanksgiving cookie gifts that you can choose to give them. These presents can range from clothes to dishes.

1.1. T-Shirt with “cookies” designs

How about giving them t-shirts with “cookies” designs? These can be considered practical and interesting Thanksgiving cookie gifts for your friends and family. One of the first reasons is that your loved ones will remember this t-shirt whenever they think about cookies. Secondly, winter is coming. Therefore, this gift can warm up your friends and relatives.

A t-shirt with a “cookie” design

1.2. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

All of us cannot deny that turkey is one of the popular dishes on Thanksgiving occasion. It would be a great idea if you bake cookies in the shape of a turkey and give them to your friends and family members. Therefore, instead of eating turkey together on this occasion, we can enjoy turkey-shaped cookies and share our feelings with others. 

Turkey-shaped cookies

1.3. A gift basket with colorful cookies.

A gift basket with colorful cookies can be a perfect present for your loved ones on this occasion. This gift is suitable if your friends are bored with eating cookies. Furthermore, cookies with many colors will be wonderful decorations for your Thanksgiving gift basket.

A basket with colorful cookies

1.4. Donut cookies with a variety of flavors

If your loved ones are fans of donuts, why don’t you give them donut cookies with several flavors? They will love the soft, sweet flavors of cookies covered in colorful toppings. Sweetness is considered a flavor of happiness. Therefore, giving your friends donut cookies as gifts is an act of making them feel happy.

Colorful donut cookies

1.5. Chocolate cookies made by the Pizza Company

Chocolate cookies can be considered bestsellers of the Pizza Company on this Thanksgiving occasion. These cookies are made of milk chocolate filled with tasty creme. Furthermore, these dishes are covered in a variety of colorful sugar toppings. Additionally, these cookies are wrapped and put in lovely tins, which help users preserve their food for a long time. 

1.6. Cookie Brookie

How about sending your friends and relatives cute cookie brookies? Specifically, these cookies are made of brownies batter, and chocolate chips. These ingredients make cookies have flavors slightly bite and sweet.

Several tasty cookie brookies

Furthermore, cookie brookies are easy to be made. Therefore, if you are having difficulty finding suitable gifts, these dishes are the optimal options for you. 

1.7. Blanket with “cookies” designs

A blanket with “cookies” designs can be considered a thoughtful gift on this Thanksgiving occasion. Thanksgiving happens on the 24th of November, which is near the winter. Therefore, your loved ones can easily get cold on these days. Your blanket will be a perfect gift that can make your friends and relatives feel warm.

A blanket with “cookies”designs

1.8. Pumpkin-shaped cookies.

Pumpkin-shaped cookies can be a wonderful gift on this Thanksgiving occasion. If your loved ones love pumpkins but feel bored with the dishes made of pumpkins, why don’t you give them these thanksgiving cookie gifts? They can be impressed by these interesting dishes. 

Pumpkin-shaped cookies

1.9. Snickerdoodles. 

Snickerdoodles are once popular in Los Angeles. However, you can easily bake these dishes at home now. Your loved ones will surely be surprised due to these dishes’ crispy and sweet taste. The simple method of cooking snickerdoodles is one of the strong advantages of this dish. This dish is made of butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon. 

A plate of crispy snickerdoodles

1.10. A coffee mug with “cookies” designs.

How about giving your friends and family members coffee mugs with “cookies” photos on this Thanksgiving occasion? If your loved ones are fans of cookies, they will probably love eating these dishes when enjoying coffee cups with “cookies” designs on them. 

A “one touch cookie!” coffee mug

1.11. Italian biscuits.

Italian biscuit has another name, which is “almond biscotti”. This dish can be one of the most thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts. Italian biscuits with hot drinks can even make Thanksgiving meals more delicious. Almond biscotti is made of six main ingredients including flour, baking powder, salt, anise seed, eggs, and almond.  

Several sweet Italian biscuits

1.12. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies can be considered wonderful treats for everyone after long busy days. Furthermore, this can be a giftable dish on Thanksgiving occasions. This type of cookie is famous for not only its delicious taste but also its simple method of baking. 

Colorful thumbprint cookies.

Thumbprint cookies are made of eight main recipes including flour, baking powder, salt, butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla.  

1.13. Sweet Potato cookies

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, how about giving him/ her a tasty meal with sweet potato cookies? They will be satisfied with a Thanksgiving dinner with a plate of sweet potato cookies as a dessert. One of the strengths of this dish is its health benefits. Sweet potatoes can be considered a good choice if your friends or relatives want to lose weight. 

Multiple crispy sweet potato cookies.

1.14. S’mores.

S’mores are the ideal Thanksgiving cookies gifts, which can make your loved ones feel surprised. This dish is usually considered a campfire snack. However, with a skillet, you can cook s’mores at your house on Thanksgiving days. Additionally, this can be a perfect dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. 

A plate of delicious s’mores

Furthermore, cooking s’mores is not difficult. Specifically, its ingredients include flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.

1.15. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate sandwich cookies can be wonderful giftable dishes on Thanksgiving occasions. Your friends and family members will surely be impressed by not only this dish’s crispy taste but also its interesting shape. Therefore, this dish will be a suitable option on your loved ones’ Thanksgiving dessert table.

Sweet chocolate sandwich cookies

Furthermore, compared with other classic cakes, chocolate sandwich cookies are easier to be baked. This dish can be cooked with only three ingredients including egg, butter, and condensed milk. 

1.16. Pumpkin Sandwich cookies with Maple-spice

If your friends and family members love soft dishes, pumpkin sandwich cookies with Maple-spice are perfect Thanksgiving cookies gifts. Let’s imagine! Your loved ones can enjoy a cup of chocolate with pumpkin sandwich cookies covered in tasty cream cheese. This can be a wonderful way to end Thanksgiving meals. 

Tasty pumpkin cookies with maple-spice

1.17. Canvas poster with “cookies” designs

How about giving your friends canvas posters with “cookies” designs to show how grateful you are to have them in your life? This type of gift has many advantages. The first strength is that this present can be easily found on the internet. Therefore, this can be a suitable option if you are struggling to find Thanksgiving gifts.

“Gave me a cookie, got you cookie” poster

In addition, you can even design the “cookies” designs on the posters. Specifically, you can access several websites allowing you to personalize posters. For example, the Canva website can help you design your posters to suit your friends’ fashion styles. As a result, you can print your posters and give them to your loved ones. 

1.18. Snowflake-shaped cookies

Snowflake-shaped cookies can be interesting presents on Thanksgiving occasions. The fact is that this occasion happens at the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter. Therefore, snowflake-shaped cookies can be ideal gifts to end your friends’ Thanksgiving days and welcome Christmas.

Many colorful snowflake-shaped cookies

This dish is made of seven main ingredients including pecans, sugar,  butter, vanilla, salt, flour, and cinnamon. Additionally, a white dusting of sugar is added to the surface of the cookie, which makes this dish look like a real snowflake. 

1.19. Chocolate-walnut thumbprint cookies

Chocolate-walnut thumbprint cookies are ideal giftable dishes on the Thanksgiving occasion. These cookies can be delicious desserts after Thanksgiving dinners. You and your loved ones can gather to eat these dishes together and share your gratitude. 

A bowl of chocolate-walnut cookies

One of the necessary ingredients to make this delicious dish is bourbon. This wine plays an important role in upgrading the flavor of thumbprint cookies. Additionally, caramel, walnuts, and melted chocolate are mixed to create a wonderful crispy taste.

1.20 Peanut butter cookies

How about giving your family members butter cookies in the shape of peanuts? If your loved ones feel bored with turkey and other Thanksgiving meals, peanut butter cookies will be a wonderful substitute. The peanut-shaped cookies will be interesting desserts after Thanksgiving dinner. Furthermore, children will surely be fond of this type of gift. 

A plate of crispy peanut butter cookies.


Peanut butter cookies are made of six main ingredients including peanut butter, sugar, vanilla, egg, flour, and chocolate chips. 

2. Where can you get Thanksgiving cookie gifts?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find Thanksgiving cookie gifts. However, finding stores providing qualified and beautiful presents is not easy. Looking for a store allowing you to customize your items is even harder. Therefore, it is necessary to invest time and money in finding a suitable Thanksgiving gift.

TeeNavi is a corporation where you can multiple gifts for many occasions including Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, and Thanksgiving. Furthermore, this store is one of the rare places where you can personalize your gifts, which can make receivers feel good.

Let’s visit TeeNavi to buy many wonderful gifts on this Thanksgiving occasion!

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