15 Ideal Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

15 Ideal Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

Thanksgiving gifts for employees are one of the ways for employers to show attention and cohesion to members of the company. TeeNavi suggests 15 super cute Thanksgiving gifts for this special occasion.

Thanksgiving is not only an occasion for loved ones to give each other significant gifts but also an opportunity for businesses to show their concern to employees through small and lovely awards. This is a valuable spiritual encouragement to staff.

A delicate boss will take this chance to choose meaningful Thanksgiving gifts for staff to strengthen and maintain the spirit of solidarity in the entire company.

​​The Thanksgiving employee gifts are a good way to show trust to them

1. Is it important to give gifts to employees on Thanksgiving?

Employees are the direct workers who generate revenue and profit for each organization. It is extremely important to engage and make employees feel the company is a second home.

Thanksgiving is an occasion for business to show their gratitude to their employees by:

  • Make employees feel valued and appreciative by the business owner
  • Create cohesion and prevent employees from switching jobs when there is a better offer
  • Contribute to building a corporate culture to attract more talented employees

Do you have any ideas for Thanksgiving gifts for employees? TeeNavi will show you the list below.

Employee Thanksgiving gifts are important in maintaining the spirit of unity

2. 15 cutest Thanksgiving gifts for employees

2.1. Thanksgiving shirts

Shirt is a gift that cannot be more suitable for every holiday. It is often considered the award which is preferred and appreciated by many people.

Today’s shirts can be modified with many cute, eye-catching textures and creative fabrics. Therefore, employees can use this gift on different occasions such as Thanksgiving, company birthday, year-end parties, travel, and picnic, …

A personalized t-shirt model at TeeNavi

2.2. Charcuterie board set

This natural wooden tray set is one of the interesting present ideas. It can be used in the kitchen or display appetizers on the dinner table at parties. This is one of the great Thanksgiving gifts for employees that will make them feel you care about little things in their daily life.

2.3. Scented candles

The scent is something that stores memories and evokes emotions. Therefore, scented candles are always a popular gift because it brings a lot of value. 

The recipient can use it on different important occasions such as birthdays, and intimate parties; or simply burn it every night before bed or while working from home.

The faint scent of scented candles will help users forget fatigue and help them stay mentally sharp and work more creatively.

Scented candle – an exquisite gift for everyone

2.4. eGift cards

As always, people’s shopping needs are always present, so gift cards are the thing that brings the most value but is not as sensitive as cash.

Today, business owners can easily buy a variety of eGift cards from companies providing different products and services such as supermarkets, e-commerce websites, restaurants, and clothing stores,… to give to their employees.

2.5. Thanksgiving mug

The lovely little mugs placed on the desk are not only decorative but also help employees not forget to add water to keep their bodies full of energy.

Moreover, you can consider printing the company’s logo with a cute motivational message personalized for each staff. This will help their working spirit be enhanced.

A mug with a personalized message for employee

2.6. Wine bottle labels

Wine is an indispensable drink on Thanksgiving Day. Wine bottle labels would be cute Thanksgiving gifts for employees. You can create countless beautiful designs with happy thank you messages on them.

Cute gifts on Thanksgiving occasion

2.7. Whole Foods Market gift card

For those who are concerned about their health and especially those who follow the “eat clean” regime, buying products from Whole Foods Market is a perfect choice. A gift card for purchases at Whole Foods Market shows the boss’s best concern for the well-being of his employees.

2.8. Fitness Cryosphere cold massage roller ball

Most people have more or less low back pain or muscle pain due to the process of sitting and working for many hours a day. Fitness cold massage roller ball is the best equipment to help reduce the risk of muscle spasms and stiffness for office workers.

Honestly, fitness gifts are always a great idea for any employer looking to show that he cares about the health and well-being of his employees.

The massage roller ball is a great fitness present for employees

2.9. Bath bombs

Surely, bath bombs are small Thanksgiving gifts for employees that anyone who receives this must say “wow” because of their uniqueness, especially for women. Soaking in the bath with a bath bomb both relaxes and softens the skin, so this is a product that is liked by many people.

2.10. Thanksgiving tumbler

Unlike mugs, modern tumblers have a lid and a straw so that the users can conveniently carry them around for use both at home and work.

This is an indispensable item of today’s office world. A lovely tumbler with the company’s logo printed on it is both a practical gift and helps increase your company’s brand identity.

Lovely tumbler –  a fantastic option for Thanksgiving gifts

2.11. Mouse pad with wrist support

Office workers, most of their time at the company have to work with computers, especially in the design, graphics, and programming fields. A mouse pad with wrist support is a great gift to support employees during their work.

2.12. Motivational tumbler

Businesses might consider giving all employees the same motivational tumblers with a specific message to increase teamwork and determination for the company’s common goals.

Motivational tumblers make a great Thanksgiving gift option instead of just regular mugs.

2.13. Natural soap

Natural products are more and more popular and widely used than chemical soaps on the market. Natural soap is sure to be a lovely little treat this Thanksgiving.

A small but useful gift for staff

2.14. Cookbook

Cooking today is not only for women, many men love to cook delicious meals for their families by themselves. Therefore, a cookbook is an interesting present suggestion for this holiday.

2.15. Microwave popcorn popper

Nowadays, Thanksgiving gifts are no longer wrapped up in familiar ideas. The microwave popcorn popper is a really useful item for anyone who wants to have a quick batch of popcorn by the microwave oven at home. 

Surely, this is a very unique gift that will make recipients happy.

Microwave Popcorn Popper – a creative Thanksgiving gift

3. Where can you find Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees?

Once you’ve found your Thanksgiving gift idea, the next thing is to choose a place to shop. TeeNavi is a destination that won’t let you down because:

  • There are many different gift options with a variety of designs
  • Not only provide available models, but you can also personalize your gift products
  • There is a refund policy in case the customer is not satisfied
A motivational canvas poster at TeeNavi

Visit the TeeNavi website now to choose the best Thanksgiving gifts for employees.

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