Top 20 Most Special Thanksgiving Guest Gifts

Top 20 Most Special Thanksgiving Guest Gifts

If you’re in business, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Thanksgiving guest gifts will thank them on your behalf. TeeNavi is going to recommend some gifts to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Looking for more inspiration this Thanksgiving season? TeeNavi has plenty of gift guides for you to show your customers thanks. These gifts are the bond between you and your customers. From the smallest gifts such as gift baskets and wine labels to all kinds of products with the customer’s imprint. Invest in a gift that shows your thoughtfulness and respect for your guest.

Gifts at TeeNavi are not only used for a reception party but also used for guests on special occasions if you are in business. Send a great gift to remind your guests that you’re always thinking – grateful for them.

TeeNavi will help you list all the Thanksgiving gifts for guests to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

1. 10 meaningful Thanksgiving guest gifts

1.1. Mugs

This is one of the most practical forms of customer gratitude gifts, chosen by most businesses to thank their customers. A popular product these days are pretty mugs. Because it is used daily, it is almost indispensable for any family.

You should consider printing your brand logo on the cups. This is leverage to promote your brand to a wide range of customers. At the same time, based on the characteristics of the target customer, you should use patterns that attract customers’ attention.

Mugs – nonfood thanksgiving gifts

1.2. Just Breathe Spa Gift Set

Small gifts sometimes need to meet the wishes of customers, so many businesses now choose gift sets. One of the most practical Thanksgiving gifts is the Just Breathe Spa Gift Set. This gift set is suitable for major holidays such as gratitude to customers at the end of the year.

Moreover, such a gift box can be convenient to carry when going on a business trip. The gift box is beautifully designed and luxuriously colored, it is perfectly suitable for giving to customers.

Just Breathe Spa Gift Set

1.3. Family-Fun Card Game

Family-Fun Card Game is one of the gifts to bring for Thanksgiving, which is a fun game for everyone in the family. The Cards Against Humanity version is very kid-friendly (for ages eight and up). 

This gift is like a wish for family reunion and happiness; Show your goodwill to your customers.

Family-Fun Card Game

1.4. Mini HD Movie Projector

Technology believers will not be able to ignore expensive gifts such as mini HD movie projectors. The more useful a technology gift is, the more sympathetic customers will be to the business.

Most of your customers don’t have big screens showing movies, or they don’t even have free time to go to the cinema. This fun mini projector is a great choice for thanksgiving gifts for guests. Because it’s a device that can be installed almost anywhere. 

It is the same with smartphones, game consoles, or TVs. A plus for you to attract customers is that this gift can even come with a 100-inch mobile screen!

Mini HD Movie Projector

1.5. Doormat

The most chosen gifts are everyday, indispensable household items such as doormats. This gift is usually designed with natural coconut fiber material ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Consider adding your brand message or logo on the rugs. It’s great when customers remember your brand first when considering using your product in the future.


1.6. Air Fryer in Oyster Grey

A gift to bring for Thanksgiving dinner is a sweet way to express satisfaction over a delicious meal. With an oil-free fryer, housewives’ cooking will be lighter. It’s nice to be able to cook more delicious dishes for the family without spending too much time and effort. 

TeeNavi suggests a compact and luxurious air fryer from Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful line. It can reheat food, and it can also fry and grill any food.

Air Fryer in Oyster Grey

1.7. Autumn Meat and Cheese Gift

You can make Thanksgiving guest gifts that can be enjoyed that day, such as this large beef and savory cheese set. Perfect to enjoy with your guests and loved ones or if you don’t have time, please send them as a thoughtful gift. This gift comes with three different types of meat and two pieces of cheese, an extra cranberry chutney, and a cute serving board that says “Give Thanks” — perfect for any special occasion, right?

Autumn Meat and Cheese Gift

1.8. 20-Piece Superior Round Glass Storage Set

One gift you should consider is the 20-piece Round Glass Storage Set. Storing leftovers in glass containers will ensure attractiveness and retain nutrients for longer. The medium container can be used to reheat lunches and leftovers in the microwave or oven and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Moreover, using the 20-piece Round Glass Storage Set is a simple way to keep the refrigerator looking neat.

20-Piece Round Glass Storage Set

For some office customers, 20-Piece Round Glass Storage Set Thanksgiving gifts for dinner guests. Because they can be used to store lunches to bring to the office.

1.9. Immersion Blender

TBH is an indispensable appliance in small kitchens. If you need to make cream sauces, soups, or ice cream, your customers won’t need to carry around a food blender or blender. Instead, they can use your gift to mix, blend, or puree the food into whatever they like.

Immersion Blender

1.10. The Spritz Kit

The Spritz Kit is one of the Thanksgiving guest gifts to use Spritz Kit to send gratitude to customers on your behalf. Includes everything you need to make this classic cocktail at home, plus a recipe card. With this mixing kit, you can bring your customers delicious cocktails to enjoy while at home.

The Spritz Kit

2. 10 meaningful Thanksgiving gifts for dinner guests

2.1. Fun Thanksgiving Poster

Give your customers a fun Thanksgiving poster with a beautifully designed, vibrant color that shows your heart. Your customers can use them to decorate their homes and workplaces. TeeNavi recommends expressing the message as well as the wishes will bring more meaning.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Fun Thanksgiving Poster

2.2. Personalized Cutting Board

The personalized cutting boards make the perfect gifts to bring for Thanksgiving dinner.  One board can integrate two useful features. One side is used for cutting and slicing your dishes in the kitchen, and the other side will be printed with your brand messages or logo. Advertise your brand to every home.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Personalized Cutting Board

2.3. Homes Acrylic Cake Stand

A rather useful choice for Thanksgiving guest gifts that TeeNavi suggests to you is the multi-functional cake stand. They can be used to store cakes or food. Save space for your ceremony without being less luxurious.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Homeries Acrylic Cake Stand

2.4. Fresca Italian Pasta Night Gift Crate

Fresca Italian Pasta Night Gift Crate is a collection with three types of fresh noodles accompanied by 2 sauces. They are all handmade according to traditional methods to ensure nutrition and high quality.

With instant noodle dishes, your customers can enjoy a delicious meal any time of the day. What a good idea for Thanksgiving guest gifts.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Fresca Italian Pasta Night Gift Crate

2.5. B&D Dried Fruit Gift Basket

One of the Thanksgiving gifts for dinner guests that will impress and delight all recipients is the Bonnie And Pop Dried Fruit Gift Basket. 

Bonnie And Pop Dried Fruit Gift Basket that can both be used as a Trivet and as a Fruit Bowl. They’re Perfect for the Holidays, Including Your Thanksgiving gifts. 

The multi-purpose wooden tray is used as a Trivet to place dishes on or as a fruit bowl on the tabletop. This is a practical meaningful gift that will impress and excite all recipients!

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Bonnie And Pop Dried Fruit Gift Basket

2.6. Chronicle Books Conversation Starters

Your customers will have fun moments with their families with Chronicle Books Conversation Starters.  

This cute, compact tin includes 50 fun and interesting questions to channel positive energy for great family conversations.

Not only that, when using this gift, customers can easily put it in their bags or carry-on luggage for a business trip. Because they are designed to be quite compact.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Chronicle Books Conversation Starters

2.7. Whiskey Glasses

One recommendation for gifts to bring to Thanksgiving dinner is to personalize these pretty glasses with the host’s initials. You can also print your logo on Whiskey glasses to promote your brand.

Whiskey Glasses will mean the desire for customers to have moments of relaxation and sip a little wine after a whole day of work.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Whiskey Glasses

2.8. Wood Charcuterie Board

Some good charcuterie boards are the perfect gifts to bring for Thanksgiving. The beautifully designed wooden Charcuterie board can add a delicious touch to the meal.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Wood Charcuterie Board

2.9. Thanksgiving Trivia Game

An equally meaningful choice is the Thanksgiving Trivia Game. These gifts to bring for thanksgiving dinner will bring lots of laughs to your holiday dinner. You can also test your customers’ knowledge of Thanksgiving events with fun quizzes. It is considered a great way to bring people together and a fun contest.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Thanksgiving Trivia Game

2.10. Thanksgiving with Wine Label

Use Thanksgiving wine labels by printing the customer’s name. As a result, customers will get satisfied when they receive them. You will easily edit content, and add printed messages on labels with thank you notes super easy and fast.

Thanksgiving gifts for guests – Thanksgiving Give Thanks Wine Label

3. Where can you find Thanksgiving guest gifts?

TeeNavi, where you can find the best gifts for your friends, family, and customers. Over 6 years of development has served more than 100,000 customers, TeeNavi is committed to prestigious and quality products that come with the most optimal prices.

TeeNavi is the best choice for you because of the following reasons:

  • TeeNavi provides a variety of fashion products as gifts
  • All products at TeeNavi will be manufactured according to your requirements
  • Personalize gifts on demand
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Product quality has been certified for quality and material safety
  • Return and return policy when there is any problem


With the fully updated information about Thanksgiving guest gifts in the above article, TeeNavi hopes that you will have great choices and experiences with us. Wishing you a very happy day!

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