14+ Thanksgiving Party Ideas For Work Staff In The Office

14+ Thanksgiving Party Ideas For Work Staff In The Office

Have you ever pondered innovative ways to bring the Thanksgiving spirit into the workplace? In addition to indulging your employees in a lavish spread, showcasing appreciation and encouraging a sense of community are pivotal. To aid in this endeavor, TeeNavi has compiled a plethora of inventive Thanksgiving party ideas for work, ensuring a memorable and heartwarming celebration in your office.

1. Why should you hold a Thanksgiving party in the office?

A corporation should avoid hosting events merely for tradition’s sake or following trends. Instead, each company function should be planned thoughtfully, considering its potential advantages.

  • Boosting employee morale: The year’s conclusion can be a challenging time for workers. Many of them are in overdrive, striving to finish projects before the year wraps up. Additionally, the festive season adds its own set of pressures, with employees juggling their personal holiday plans and trying to carve out time for family. This is where Thanksgiving party ideas for work come into play, presenting an excellent chance for employees to unwind and feel valued. Unlike the more typical holiday parties, a Thanksgiving company celebration is a unique choice, and a business’s choice to host one demonstrates a genuine commitment to employee appreciation.
office Thanksgiving party ideas
Celebrate your team’s hard work and foster a sense of togetherness.
  • Crafting lasting memories: Although the concept of creating lasting memories is often linked to families, it holds equal importance for businesses, particularly as they expand and establish their long-term presence. Hosting a Thanksgiving party at work can lay the groundwork for nostalgic experiences. In the years to come, employees may recall, ‘Do you remember the 2020 company Thanksgiving party when Bob accidentally overcooked the turkey?’ These reminiscences nurture a bond between employees and the company, strengthening their loyalty.
  • Cultivating a positive company culture: Providing a space for employees to get to know each other better and simply enjoy themselves, a Thanksgiving company party plays a pivotal role. Events like these are instrumental in nurturing a work environment where employees actually look forward to interacting with their colleagues.

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2. Fun Thanksgiving party ideas for work in the office

Numerous strategies exist for commemorating Thanksgiving. Now, without any delay, let’s with TeeNavi, delve into the most effective methods to assist you in observing Thanksgiving at your workplace. Integrating Thanksgiving party ideas for work can significantly enhance the festive atmosphere and create a memorable experience for all.

2.1 Create a wall of thanks

Establishing a gratitude board presents an excellent method to express gratitude toward staff members and foster a culture of mutual appreciation. Motivate your team to compose heartfelt sticky notes filled with praise and gratitude.

To effectively initiate this culture of thankfulness, inspire each employee to jot down three aspects they appreciate about a particular co-worker. For every employee acknowledged, a wonderful gesture would be to contribute $10 to a charity of your choice, incorporating Thanksgiving ideas for workplace into your team-building activities.

Thanksgiving ideas for workplace
Set up a display where employees can express their gratitude and appreciation for their colleagues.

2.2 Share recipes

Inspire your colleagues to swap their beloved family recipes and explore the stories behind these dishes. Encourage groups to document their culinary creations, adding an exciting twist to your Thanksgiving party at work with some creative Thanksgiving party ideas for work.

Thanksgiving party ideas for work
Encourage team members to exchange their favorite Thanksgiving recipes for a potluck-style feast.

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2.3 Express your gratitude to employees

Showing appreciation on Thanksgiving is essential, and there’s no requirement to delay until Employee Appreciation Day to express it. Ensuring your employees feel appreciated should be an ongoing endeavor year-round, and the Thanksgiving season presents an ideal moment to convey your gratitude to your team.

When it comes to effective employee recognition, it’s crucial to keep in mind these essential traits:

  • Being precise: Make your gratitude clear and specific.
  • Acting promptly: Ensure your appreciation is expressed in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring visibility: Recognition should be visible to everyone.
  • Promoting inclusivity: Include all members of your team.
  • Maintaining consistency: Show your appreciation frequently.
  • Aligning with values: Ensure that your recognition aligns with the company’s values.
employee Thanksgiving ideas
Take the time to personally thank each staff member for their contributions.

2.4 Give Back – Thanksgiving party ideas for work

Contribute to your local community by organizing a group volunteer event! Not only does this serve the greater good, but it also presents an excellent opportunity to foster team unity, which can be an integral part of Thanksgiving party ideas for work. The options are limitless; you can volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen or participate in a collective effort to construct homes for those in need.

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2.5 Facilitate volunteer activities

This Thanksgiving, rather than just encouraging your staff to contribute, contemplate adopting a more hands-on approach by giving them a day off to partake in volunteer work for a worthwhile cause. Introducing Thanksgiving party ideas for work events, such as a show-and-tell session following their volunteer efforts, can effectively enhance the culture of giving and, ideally, motivate other team members to join in.

Thanksgiving work party ideas
Organize a charity drive or volunteer event as part of your celebration.

2.6 Recipe contest

Many workplaces organize potluck get-togethers during Thanksgiving where everyone gets a chance to contribute to a communal celebratory meal. However, if you’re looking to spice up your Thanksgiving party ideas for work, why not broaden the horizons of your feast by inviting everyone to bring their favorite dish and share the corresponding recipe?

Thanksgiving party ideas for work
Host a cooking competition where employees can showcase their culinary skills with Thanksgiving-themed dishes.

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2.7 Host a nutritious Thanksgiving lunch

Thanksgiving party idea for work? Consider organizing a cozy ‘campfire’ gathering within the workplace itself. Promote team bonding with delicious s’mores and hot chocolate, all basking in the inviting glow of candlelight. Given the typically hectic nature of this season, indulging your staff in these delightful treats will undoubtedly foster a serene ambiance.

Thanksgiving party ideas for work
Offer a health-conscious menu to promote well-being among your staff.

To make it even more exciting, consider introducing awards in various categories, such as:

  • First Dish Emptied
  • Most Devoured Dish
  • Most Adventurous Dish—the one we were initially hesitant to try but ended up loving!
  • Feel free to get imaginative with these categories. Another fun idea is to have your colleagues participate in a blind vote to choose their favorite dish.

2.8 Watch movies or TV together

To infuse the Thanksgiving spirit into your workplace, consider these Thanksgiving office party ideas. One option is to host a special screening of your favorite Thanksgiving movie or TV show. If your team works remotely, you can organize a virtual viewing using online streaming platforms. Alternatively, you can gather in person and transform your office into a makeshift theater.

Thanksgiving office party ideas
Enjoy a Thanksgiving-themed film or show as a team-building activity.

If the weather is pleasant and there’s a nearby green space, you can also create an outdoor movie experience. To make this outdoor movie night cozy and enjoyable, consider renting an inflatable movie screen and providing pillows and blankets for everyone.

2.9 Share a skill or expertise – Thanksgiving party ideas for work

Promoting the exchange of skills across different departments can bring significant advantages, not only to your team members but also to the overall success of your company. Establishing a ‘skill-sharing’ initiative isn’t limited to Thanksgiving; it’s a concept that can be nurtured year-round.

office Thanksgiving party ideas
Invite employees to share their talents or knowledge in a fun workshop or presentation.

2.10 Talk about Thanksgiving traditions

This year, elevate your workplace Thanksgiving celebration by incorporating some engaging Thanksgiving party ideas for work. Encourage everyone to participate by sharing their cherished Thanksgiving traditions.

Implementing these Thanksgiving party ideas for work not only adds a fun twist to your office celebration but also promotes active listening, fostering a stronger company culture. By encouraging your team members to open up and share their favorite traditions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their preferences, sense of humor, values, and upbringing. Who knows, even your own family’s traditions might find their way into the conversation!

Thanksgiving party ideas for work
Encourage employees to share their family traditions and stories related to the holiday.

2.11 Make a Thanksgiving craft together

Work Thanksgiving activities are a great way to foster team bonding and creativity during the holiday season. Here are some suggestions to help you kickstart your celebration. Gather the required supplies for in-person crafting, or allocate a supply budget to your employees and organize a DIY session over Zoom.

  • Create beautiful table centerpieces using flowers, pumpkins, succulents, and more.
  • Acquire materials to craft autumn-themed paper lanterns that can adorn your walkway.
  • Personalize gratitude jars to maintain an attitude of gratitude throughout the year.
work Thanksgiving activities
Bond over a fun and creative craft activity to decorate the office.

2.12 Offer Wednesday and Friday to be paid holidays

Thanksgiving work party ideas can encompass various initiatives, such as introducing a paid holiday, not just on Thanksgiving Day itself but also extending it to the Friday after. This extra day off can be highly valued by your employees, as it coincides with a day typically taken off by many. Offering a paid holiday during this period can significantly elevate their spirits while lightening their workload.

Thanksgiving ideas for workplace
Extend the Thanksgiving celebration by providing extra time off for your team.

In fact, some companies take it a step further by extending this offer to include the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. By granting your employees time to prepare for Thanksgiving feasts, travel to be with loved ones, and get their homes ready for guests, you may discover that they return to work the following Monday feeling more refreshed and revitalized.

2.13 Play gratitude bingo

Boost camaraderie among your colleagues by introducing an interactive Thanksgiving activity tailor-made for the office environment—Gratitude Bingo, a brilliant addition to your repertoire of Thanksgiving party ideas for work. Cultivate a workplace culture that values recognition and gratitude, even for the most minor accomplishments. Additionally, be sure to entice your team members with enticing rewards for those who emerge victorious in this engaging game. You might also want to consider creating a dedicated Slack channel where your coworkers can share photos and heartfelt reflections following their participation in acts of gratitude.

employee Thanksgiving ideas
Create a bingo game and don’t get used to preparing fun gifts.

2.14 Draw the turkey by hand contest

At your Thanksgiving party for work, showcase your artistic talents by creating your finest hand-turkey masterpieces! Don’t forget to express your gratitude by writing down what you’re thankful for on each finger. Afterward, organize a friendly competition to determine who has crafted the funniest or most heartwarming turkey drawing.

Thanksgiving office party ideas
Challenge employees to showcase their artistic abilities with a hand-drawn turkey competition.

3. Tips for host Thanksgiving ideas for workplace

Thanksgiving Day held at work becomes more meaningful and complete, if you organize it thoroughly and completely. To make this day more complete, pay attention to the following details:

3.1 Use a color scheme inspired by fall

As the autumn season approaches, one of the most delightful transformations is the shift in foliage colors, with leaves transitioning from their typical green hue to a vibrant palette of yellows, oranges, and reds. When you’re in the process of adorning your office for the upcoming Thanksgiving party, it’s a great opportunity to embrace this natural color scheme. Incorporating these autumnal shades can be one of the most appealing Thanksgiving party ideas for work.

Thanksgiving work party ideas
Decorate the office with autumn-inspired colors to create a festive atmosphere.

3.2 Involve every staff member

Consider organizing a Thanksgiving party that truly engages every member of your team, even those working remotely. In addition to traditional festivities like a pie-baking contest, brainstorm Thanksgiving party ideas for work that actively involve all employees. The key is to ensure that everyone feels included and can relish their participation.

Thanksgiving office party ideas
Ensure that everyone has a role to play in planning and executing the Thanksgiving celebration.

To include virtual team members, consider innovative Thanksgiving party ideas for work, like setting up a video call allowing colleagues to enjoy a meal together from their own locations. Alternatively, coordinate virtual team-building exercises to foster unity among employees, regardless of their physical distance.

3.3 Create a centerpiece

Centerpieces serve a dual purpose, not only enhancing the family’s dinner table but also adding charm to the table displaying your food at the company’s Thanksgiving party. While creating your centerpiece, consider incorporating these elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your fun Thanksgiving ideas for the office:

  • Pumpkins (whether real or fake, in varying sizes)
  • Pine cones
  • Cornucopias
  • String lights
  • Artificial autumn leaves

3.4 Give a Thanksgiving gift to everyone

While this may not fall under the category of decorations, it’s an essential component of creating a memorable Thanksgiving party experience for your employees. Consider incorporating Thanksgiving party ideas for work by presenting each team member with a thoughtful gift. You can even arrange these gifts near the entrance, ensuring they are the first things guests encounter upon arrival. Whether you opt for delectable treats, custom gift bags, or company-branded merchandise, prioritize high-quality items that convey your deep appreciation for each of your hardworking employees.

Thanksgiving party ideas for work
Show your appreciation by providing small gifts or tokens of gratitude to all team members.

Despite the holiday season’s busyness, managers and HR professionals should carve out time for workplace festivities, demonstrating gratitude towards their team members. TeeNavi thinks Thanksgiving provides an excellent opportunity to promote team-building, which is one of the essential Thanksgiving party ideas for work, ultimately enhancing employee engagement and commitment.

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