20+ Creative DIY Christmas Decorations For A Bedroom

20+ Creative DIY Christmas Decorations For A Bedroom

Transforming your bedroom into a festive winter wonderland for the holidays is all about the right touches. Incorporating twinkling fairy lights, seasonal ornaments, and sumptuous fabrics can significantly enhance the atmosphere. For those interested in DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom, TeeNavi‘s blog offers a wealth of inspiration and ideas. Along with these creative suggestions, you’ll also find expert styling tips to make your bedroom decor uniquely festive and inviting.

1. Hang garland on the headboard – DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom

In this Texan bedroom, the essence of a rustic holiday aesthetic is perfectly captured, making it an ideal inspiration for DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom. The room features checkered duvets and plum-colored throw blankets, harmoniously blending with natural elements. You should choose to blend muted mauve and berry shades with natural elements such as fresh greenery, dried citrus slices, and an array of earth tones, creating a cozy, festive atmosphere perfect for the holiday season.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Drape garland over your headboard.

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2. Add bedroom Christmas tree

Earn the title of ‘Mom of the Year’ with this festive decorating tip: Place an actual Christmas tree in your kids’ bedroom. As they fall asleep under the gentle glow of the twinkling lights, those nightly battles to avoid bedtime could very well subside. It’s a joyful way to decorate the bedroom for Christmas, leaving everyone delighted!

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Place a small Christmas tree in the bedroom

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3. Birch log wall hanging

To infuse your bedroom with a charming, rustic vibe for the holiday season, consider this DIY project as one of your bedroom Christmas decor ideas. Create a captivating wall hanging with a birch log, complemented by fresh greenery, twinkling fairy lights, elegant ribbon, and festive ornaments. This decor will add a whimsical and cozy atmosphere to your bedroom, perfect for the Christmas spirit.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Create a birch log wall decor.

4. Hang decorations in the bedroom

Who thinks that decorations should be limited to just the Christmas tree? Elevate your bedroom’s ambiance by adorning it with your favorite ornaments, garlands, wreaths, window stickers, and stars. Implementing these DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom is the ideal way to add that perfect, festive finishing touch to your personal space.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Adorn the bedroom with festive hangings.

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5. Add classic Christmas colors

Sprucing up your bedroom for the holidays doesn’t require permanent or drastic changes. To create that festive ambiance, consider adding temporary accessories as part of your plan to decorate your bedroom for Christmas. Incorporate seasonal items like holiday-themed bedding, cozy throws, festive cushions, or a Christmas-themed wall hanging.

bedroom Christmas decor ideas
Incorporate Christmas colors in the decor.

Embrace the classic Christmas color scheme of red and white as your primary palette, or simply introduce red accents into a neutral bedroom for a subtle nod to the season. If room permits, a mini Christmas tree can be a charming addition, bringing a touch of holiday magic right into your sleeping space.

6. Decorate candles – DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom

To wind down after a bustling day in the Christmas season, incorporating a candle or two in your bedroom is essential. A spruce-scented candle, as part of your bedroom Christmas decor ideas, can quickly transform your space into a blissful retreat.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Embellish candles for a festive ambiance.

7.  Decorate the windows

When decorating your bedroom for the holidays, adopting a ‘less is more’ approach can be quite effective, especially with your bedroom window. A simple yet elegant touch is to adorn your window frame with an evergreen garland or wrap it with twinkling fairy lights. For children’s rooms, using window stencils can add a playful and festive touch.

bedroom Christmas decor ideas
Festively decorate bedroom windows.

Other ideas for DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom include setting up a charming holiday scene on your windowsill. Placing miniature Christmas trees or a collection of small 3D paper Christmas trees, complemented by assorted ornaments, can create a festive ambiance without overwhelming the space.

8. Deck the bed with evergreen foliage

To infuse your bedroom with a festive vibe, consider adding some DIY Christmas decorations, tailored perfectly for a bedroom setting. A hint of evergreen foliage can subtly bring the holiday spirit, especially for those who prefer minimalistic decor. Try draping a simple pine garland across the headboard and complementing it with a coordinating wreath. Incorporating a pair of ice skates as decor can elegantly evoke the winter season.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Decorate the bed with evergreen foliage.

Additionally, enhance the ambiance with scattered cushions and silver Christmas tree ornaments strategically placed on the bedside tables. These touches not only create a cozy holiday atmosphere but also personalize your space with DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom.

9. Hang twinkling star lights

When you decorate your bedroom for Christmas, incorporating twinkling fairy lights is essential. These lights add a sparkling, festive ambiance and provide a beautiful glow that you can enjoy year-round if desired.

bedroom Christmas decor ideas
String twinkling lights for magic.

10. Use paper decorations

For an easy and budget-friendly addition to your bedroom Christmas decor ideas, consider making a DIY paper Christmas tree for your walls. Utilize pages from an old book — perhaps a secondhand Christmas storybook, repurpose Christmas cards you’ve received, or even family photos. Enhance your paper tree with slender fairy lights and crown it with a star for a festive touch.

bedroom Christmas decor ideas
Make easy paper festive decor.

11. Decorate with mirrors

Blogger Liz Marie transformed her bedroom for the holidays with a creative flair, showcasing DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom. She adorned her faux mantel headboard with an array of wood- and gold-framed mirrors, complemented by simple candlesticks, and a garland. This combination created a light and airy ambiance, perfect for a festive and cozy Christmas bedroom setting.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Use mirrors to enhance lights.

12. Wall wreath – DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom

Decorate your bedroom for Christmas by utilizing the timeless charm of Christmas wreaths. Their versatility is one of the many reasons they’re so beloved. Collect a variety of hoop wreaths and adorn them with tiny winter greenery and red berries. Suspend these wreaths above your headboard using invisible thread for an elegant framing effect. Alternatively, you can fasten them to string Christmas lights, transforming your bedroom wall into an enchanting, sparkling display at night.

bedroom Christmas decor ideas
Hang a wreath on the wall.

13. Hang an advent calendar

Enhance your bedroom with festive spirit using bedroom Christmas decor ideas like hanging an Advent calendar on a bare wall. This personal touch can be applied to your bedroom or become a charming addition to a child’s room. Assist in the excitement of counting down to Christmas by using numbered envelopes and boxes, each containing small trinkets or candies, suspended from a branch. Remember to position it out of reach so little ones can’t peek after bedtime!

decorate bedroom for Christmas
Display an advent calendar.

14. Christmas-themed bedding

When it comes to DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom, choosing the right festive bedding is essential as the holiday season approaches. While traditional novelty prints like Santa Claus and candy canes are popular, you might prefer a more stylish, understated design. A great example is the elegant, minimal tufted tree pattern seen on the Dunelm duvet cover. This approach to holiday bedding brings a subtle yet festive touch to your bedroom decor.

decorate bedroom for Christmas
Switch to holiday-themed bedding.

15. DIY Christmas Chalkboard

To bring a festive and playful touch to a child’s bedroom (or even your own), consider setting up a small chalkboard as part of your DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom. Decorate it with holiday-themed elements to create instant, charming artwork!

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Make a festive chalkboard.

16. Nightstand greenery

To achieve a festive ambiance, incorporating a few subtle touches can transform your bedroom with some simple bedroom Christmas decor ideas. In this layered bedroom setting, adding a string of cowbells draped over the corner of a standing mirror, coupled with a sprig of evergreen on the nightstand, effortlessly brings the holiday spirit to life.

decorate bedroom for Christmas
Add greenery to a nightstand.

17. Stack gifts on shelves

This year, expand your holiday decor beyond just the elf on a shelf. Consider adding mini trees, garlands, and even a charming lantern in the style of Garnett Hill to decorate your bedroom for Christmas.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Stack gifts decoratively on shelves.

18. Put a bow at the head of the bed

Transform your bedroom this holiday season with a DIY Christmas decoration that goes beyond the usual. Instead of reserving fancy ribbon solely for gift wrapping, use it to add a festive touch to your bedroom. Try stringing up a large, red ribbon—perhaps in a bow or draped artistically—to make a bold holiday statement in your personal space.

decorate bedroom for Christmas
Add a festive bow to bed.

19. Hanging stockings – DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom

Why limit festive decorations to just hanging a star on the highest branch? In these tranquil bedrooms, adorning the space with a pair of bright red stockings effortlessly achieves the quintessential red-and-green Christmas color scheme. This simple yet elegant approach is a perfect example of how to decorate a bedroom for Christmas, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere without overwhelming the serene setting.

diy Christmas decorations for a bedroom
Hang stockings in the bedroom.

20. Decorate the snow-dusted space

Enhance your bedroom this holiday season with an array of DIY Christmas decorations that evoke a wintertime appeal. Incorporate decor showcasing snow-dusted designs to bring a cozy, festive atmosphere indoors. Adding these elements not only transforms your bedroom into a winter wonderland but also infuses it with the warmth and joy of the holiday spirit. Whether you’re crafting snowflake garlands or frosty window decals, each DIY touch makes your space more inviting and celebratory for the Christmas season.

decorate bedroom for Christmas
Create a snow-dusted bedroom theme.

In conclusion, these DIY Christmas decorations for a bedroom ideas, shared by TeeNavi, are designed to bring the festive spirit right into your personal space. With creativity and a touch of holiday magic, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy, Christmas wonderland. Remember, the joy of the holiday season is amplified when you surround yourself with decorations that resonate with your personal style. TeeNavi hopes these suggestions inspire you to create a heartwarming and festive atmosphere in your bedroom this holiday season.

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