Hourglass shape what to wear - Tips to mix beautiful clothes

Hourglass shape what to wear – Tips to mix beautiful clothes

Understanding the hourglass shape what to wear is an important step in the development of the style of those who own this body type. So what are the characteristics of this body type, what to wear, and what to keep in mind when mixing clothes? The following article by TeeNavi will be your comprehensive guide to showing off your beautiful curves.

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1. What is a hourglass body shape?

Before referring to the answer to the question of the hourglass shape what to wear, let’s take a closer look at the concept of hourglass body shape. This kind of body is characterized by a bust and hip measurement that is almost equal-also, a petite waistline with the narrowest point of your body at the natural waistline.

hourglass shape what to wear
Your bust and butt are full with an hourglass figure

Besides, an hourglass Body Shape also has some features as follows:

  • The hourglass body shape is beautifully curvy.
  • Compared to some of the other body types, you can have more rounded edges to your full frame and curvier thighs.
  • For the most balanced and flattering looks, your clothing must fit in the chest, hips, and waist.
  • Your hips and shoulders are about the same size.
  • Your waistline is well-defined.
  • Your bust and butt are full.

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2. Hourglass shape what to wear

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know the features of the hourglass body. Here are some tips and suggestions for you when choosing an outfit for yourself:

2.1. Dresses and Jumpsuits

Depending on how you style them, dresses and many jumpsuits can go from casual to professional to formal. They are the answer for hourglass shape what to wear that flatter your shape and make you feel fabulous. Some options are:

  • A form-fitting sheath dress combined with the jacket is designed for your body type and looks impressive at any event.
  • A fit-and-flare dress is perfect for drawing the line of the garment toward your middle and accentuating your waist.
  • Wrap dresses that tie across your waist highlight your slender physique and draw attention there.
hourglass shape outfits
Dresses for an hourglass body
  • A dress with a paneled waist gives structure to the dress between the bust and the hips. It gives you a tailored look, thanks to their different fabric panels sewn together.
  • This body figure is perfect to pull off a bias-cut dress. This indicates that the fabric used to make the garment was cut diagonally, allowing the cloth to flow and drape.
  • Jumpsuits in all designs are a great option for your body shape if you don’t want to wear a dress. To draw attention to your waist, add a belt.

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2.2. Tops

Tops for hourglass-shaped bodies should be tailored and structured to highlight your shoulders and breasts. The tops are too tight that will make you seem shapeless, while tops that are too loose will conceal your contours. Choose a close-fitting shirt that doesn’t seem or feel too tight to ensure that it provides you with a great appearance.

The right shirt style for a pear hourglass shape includes the following:

  • Wrap top: A traditional wrap top hugs your natural waistline and highlights your contours.
  • V-neck: To emphasize your physique, a V-neck shirt calls attention to your shoulders and breasts.
hourglass shape dress style
You should choose the tops that show your curves
  • Keyhole: The collar of a keyhole top is open below. This cute addition may enhance the hourglass shape of your body and give some more visual appeal without being unduly ornate.
  • Off-the-Shoulder: With an off-the-shoulder appearance, you may highlight your gorgeous shoulders and emphasize your proportions.
  • Sleeveless: A sleeveless shirt or tank top will highlight your lovely arms.
  • Fitted: Choose fitting shirts that are thinner around the waist for your shape. Keep always showing your curves!

2.3. Jeans

The greatest kind of jeans for an hourglass figure are those that have a definite form but do not cling to your legs. It might be difficult to find jeans that fit your hips without gaping on your waist, which is a fairly typical problem for those with an hourglass figure. Keep it simple when you thinking about “hourglass shape what to wear” and let your figure speak for itself. Keeping in mind that an hourglass body shape looks amazing in almost every type of denim, including:

  • High-waisted: Opt for high-waisted jeans that draw attention to your waistline rather than low-waisted jeans that sit across your hips as you want to highlight that area.
  • Skinny: Skinny jeans that highlight all of your curves make you appear beautiful. However, thin jeans might work for you if you have an hourglass figure and slim legs.
  • Flared: Flared jeans enhance your body form and give your look additional flare.
what not to wear hourglass body shape
Some styles of jeans for an hourglass body
  • Straight-leg: A traditional style that accentuates your form is a pair of straight-leg, high-waisted jeans.
  • Bootcut: The bootcut is another timeless style that looks terrific, especially when matched with a stylish pair of boots.
  • Wide leg: The hourglass figure frequently has roomy thighs. Wide-leg jeans are thus your best option since they skim over your hips and gently flow beneath. Wide-leg jeans may balance your top and bottom halves by emphasizing your waist.

Pay attention to staying away from too-loose boyfriend jeans. They don’t specify how your butt should look. Additionally, they make your lower half overly bulky.

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2.4. Jackets

The bustline and waist must be clearly defined for an hourglass body type. Therefore, you should maintain these parts of your coats suited. Avoid wearing double-breasted jackets if you have an hourglass figure since they will simply make your front look bigger and add volume to your top. If you are a tiny woman with an hourglass figure, they are very unflattering.

what hourglass shape should not wear
A suitable jacket for the hourglass figure that flatters your figure

Avoid short and very boxy looks since they will accentuate your waistline and make you appear broader. Be cautious while wearing coats made of thick materials that add too much thickness to the ensemble. Some tips to help you choose a jacket when considering hourglass shape what to wear

  • If a suit jacket or blazer is fitting at the breast and hips, it will look good. The only thing to watch out for is shoulder pads, which can be a little too much for this form.
  • Wrap and belted coats are very stylish. because they offer covering while preserving your body’s natural form.
  • Peplum jackets should be worn with discretion since they might draw attention to your hip region excessively, particularly when made of a heavier or more structured fabric.
  • For a more relaxed appearance, use fitting leather. Your wild side will be displayed in a tailored leather coat.
  • The jacket moto, a modern take on a traditional leather jacket design from Europe, looks great on your frame. because the shoulders are larger and the waist is narrower.
  • Your fitted-waist clothing is seen when you wear a cropped jacket that ends just above your waist.

2.5. Trousers

Because your curves help fill them out, trousers are often simple to locate for hourglass shape outfits. Select pants with a straight leg and a hem that falls at or slightly below your anklebone. This will look well on hourglass body types since it makes their legs appear longer without drawing too much attention to their S-shaped bodies. Try slim-fit pants as well, but be careful to wear them with something more casual below.

what not to wear for hourglass body shape
Avoid having any pocket features around your hips

Remember to stay away from pockets with seams or diagonal cuts around your hips. because when you move or sit down, they can have a propensity to flap open. Additionally, pants with pleats and darts may add too much bulk to the area around your hips. Thus, it is typically advised to stay away from them. Additionally, it is preferable for trousers to not be extremely baggy or have an excessive amount of volume. 

The greatest pants styles for hourglass shapes are listed below:

  • Straight-leg trousers 
  • Cropped trouser
  • Wide leg trouser 
  • Soft fabric wide leg
  • Belted waist trouser 
  • Slim trouser

2.6. Skirts

Skirts are a fantastic method to display your lovely body when you don’t know “hourglass shape what to wear”. That also draw attention to and define your waist are ideal if you want to do your part to lengthen the body and add additional curves. The greatest skirts for your hourglass figure come in a variety of designs, but wherever you purchase, always keep “structured and classic” in mind. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Pencil: Because they highlight your curves, pencil skirts are a timeless choice for women with hourglass figures. This type of skirt accentuates your waist and flatters your body’s S-shape.
  • Belted: To draw attention to your waist, use high-waisted skirts with thick belts.
  • Gored: To produce a flared form for a garment, cloth triangle pieces are stitched together. They highlight both your waist and your curved hips at the same time since they often fall at your waist rather than your hips.
  • Knee-length: Knee-length skirts are a good alternative to short skirts since they frequently do a better job of highlighting your curves.
  • Maxi: However, you can continue longer. The best-looking maxi skirts embrace your hips and highlight your waist.
how to dress hourglass shape
Skirts are a fantastic method to display your lovely hourglass figure

Additionally, you should stay away from boxy, short, and stiff skirts. All of these looks will throw off the balance of your ensemble and might obstruct your body’s natural curves. Peplum skirts, in my opinion, overemphasize the hip-width whereas peplum tops flatter the hourglass figure. In general, I advise staying away from them. But if you believe this skirt suits your style, try one on in person.

2.7. Coats

The fitting jackets with a deep V-neck work well on the hourglass figure. The slim waist and curved shape are highlighted by this design, which also highlights your best features.

Belted coats look fantastic on women with hourglass figures. because they may highlight your lovely contours. Wrap coats are an excellent option as well since they follow your curves naturally. Without making you feel constrained in the front, the wrap may be adjusted to fit your large chest and tiny waist.

what to wear with hourglass figure
The hourglass body should avoid oversized coats

For the hourglass body type, cape coats with a clear understructure might be flattering. Additionally, a highly cropped cape coat might look good, albeit it takes more skill to pull it off. Therefore, only choose this if you are very aware of your proportions or lean toward a retro aesthetic. Additionally, a capelet coat can be a choice.

The current fashion for big jackets is not appropriate for the hourglass figure. Those will add weight to your already thin body. Avoid boxy or cropped clothing since they will obscure your waist’s definition and make you look bigger. 

2.8. Swimwear

It feels amazing to find the ideal swimwear for hourglass shapes. So, which are the right swimwear and for hourglass shape what to wear can make them feel fabulous and confident? These swimsuit designs highlight your physique at the beach or pool:

  • Bold pattern tops: For other types of clothing, we advise solid colors. But when choosing two-piece suits, don’t be averse to choosing a top with a striking print.
  • Triangle tops: A triangle-top bikini accentuates your curves and skin.
how to dress a top hourglass body shape
The perfect swimwear for an hourglass body
  • High-rise bottoms: Select a high-rise design for your bikini bottoms that will highlight your waist. On you, retro fashion looks fantastic.
  • Constructed tops: If you have a full bust, a top with construction will support your chest.
  • Retro one-piece: Your traditional hourglass form looks fantastic in a retro style. 
  • Halter: A halter top swimsuit, whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini top, accentuates your shoulders and accentuates your curves.

2.9. Accessories and shoes

Any ensemble may be enhanced with accessories. Picking out the right accessories and shoes for hourglass shape outfits is an art and a science. When putting your hourglass body-type clothing together, keep the following items in mind:

  • Belts: Your greatest accessory is a belt. If your torso is short, go for a medium-width belt. A broad belt looks great on those with longer torsos.
  • Pointed-toed shoes: Shoes with a pointed toe will lengthen your leg and highlight your classic shape.
  • Classic nude pumps: Because you want to highlight your midsection, avoid going overboard with your footwear and opt for a pair of classic nude pumps.
how to dress up hourglass body shape
Choosing the accessories for hourglass body shape
  • Statement earrings: Bold, statement earrings may add the extra touch of flair you’re looking for and bring attention to your face.
  • Long necklaces: A long chain is a terrific accessory since it attracts attention to your waist.
  • Short necklaces: Simple, short necklaces may provide just the right amount of intricacy to your neckline.

3. Do and don’t for hourglass body shapes tips

To know that hourglass shape what to wear, we suggest following your natural curves. Along with that, stay balanced on your top and bottom while emphasizing your waistline. Here are some suggestions about what you ought to do:

  • Your hips and butt are roughly the same size as your shoulders and bust. As a result, you should always make an effort to balance your body’s two halves. To do this, pick a color for your tops, slacks, and skirts that complement one another.
  • An hourglass figure is determined by your waist. Wear clothing that emphasizes your midsection or add a belt to emphasize it. Make sure your clothing fits closely around your contours to highlight your natural silhouette.
  • You don’t need much adornment because of your gorgeous form. Solid hues suit you well.
  • Dresses, coats, and tops with a waist will draw attention to your small frame.
  • Your curves will look better in skirts and pants with a high waist, and a tight fit.
  • An hourglass-shaped physique is accentuated by wide pants and flaring skirts.
  • Wearing clothing with vertical stripes or long necklaces and scarves will make your body appear longer.
what should hourglass body shapes wear
Tips to enhance the beauty of the hourglass figure

And here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Your curves will be hidden by garments with wide cuts or big, layered appearances.
  • Your upper body will appear shorter if you wear tops and dresses with a very high waist.
  • Ruffles and flounces can make your dress appear overly crowded.
  • Boxy crop tops can make you have a wider appearance.
  • Pleats and gathers highlight your hips too much and give you a bottom-heavy appearance.
  • Clothing that lacks shape, such as tent dresses, boxy shift dresses, or something like that will cover your contours and make you look stocky.

4. Outfit for hourglass shape dress ideas

Here are a few ideas for clothes for any occasion if you don’t know that an hourglass shape what to wear:

4.1. For everyday

Wondering what to wear with an hourglass figure? Need an idea for an outfit to hang out with a friend or just take a walk around town? You should choose a pair of skinny jeans and combine them with a sleeveless top in a bold color. Besides, add a belt to complete the look and throw on a pair of comfy sneakers. If it’s chilly, you can wear a leather jacket.

hourglass shape what to wear
Pick a pair of slim-fitting jeans

4.2. Go to work

When you dress professionally and flaunt your hourglass shape at work, you’ll feel more confident. Start with a belted blazer in a striking shade of blue, red, or green. Combine that with a black V-neck top and a black pencil skirt. Also, you can add a pair of striking earrings and the timeless neutral pointed-toe shoe to complete the look. This is an ideal work outfit if you are still wondering hourglass shape what to wear for working in an office.

what to wear with hourglass figure
An ideal work outfit with an hourglass figure

4.3. For an event

A formal look can get you outstanding at a wedding or party. So, with an hourglass shape what to wear? You can pick an off-the-shoulder, hip-hugging, and knee-length classic dress. Especially, dresses made from glossy silk or satin. Wear classic nude shoes to let the outfit become more prominent and trendy.

what not to wear hourglass body shape
Formal outfits for the hourglass figure

This article gives you the answer to the question “hourglass shape what to wear” and sends you some outfit ideas. Hope the article helps you have more practical knowledge in the process of choosing the right outfit. Please contact TeeNavi immediately if you have any questions!

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