7 Ideas beautiful dress mom jeans for inverted triangle

7 Ideas beautiful dress mom jeans for inverted triangle

If you have wide shoulders and relatively narrow hips, you may have a hard time choosing the right pants. So, mom jeans for inverted triangle are the best choice for you. This style of jeans helps balance your figure and hide your body flaws. So, what are the characteristics of this type of jeans, and how to combine it in a trendy way? The following article by TeeNavi will send you a comprehensive guide to jeans with 7 ideas to coordinate with the best mom jeans.

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1. Characters of inverted triangle

The inverted triangle body shape is characterized by your upper half being wider than your lower half. You can have slim legs, broad shoulders, a massive chest, and a narrow hip area. The body appears to be shaped like an upside-down triangle as a result. This is also the reason why many young people today feel inferior and look for jeans for inverted triangle shape.

mom jeans for inverted triangle
Some basic features of this body shape

Also, the inverted triangle has several characteristics, such as:

  • Significantly broader shoulders than hips.
  • Shoulders may be square, erect, and powerful looking.
  • No or little waist definition.
  • Compared to broad shoulders, hips appear straight and flat.
  • Great legs frequently accompany this body type.
  • Body type suggests an athletic and sporty figure.

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2. Mom jeans for inverted triangle

For those with an inverted triangle shape, when wearing Mom Jeans is a key to balance out your body. Your lower body will gain volume and curves if you wear this kind of jeans. It makes it simple to enhance your appearance and banish any self-consciousness you may have about this body type. Mom jeans for inverted triangle frequently have a high waist, a narrow leg opening at the ankle, and a tight waist. These jeans are quite flattering and feel comfy around the hips, so they won’t flatten your butt.

pants for inverted triangle
Inverted triangle body wearing mom jeans is extremely flattering

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3. How to combine mom jeans for inverted triangle

The secret to looking chic in mom jeans is to balance your outfit and flatter your body type. Here are 7 ways to mix mom jeans for inverted triangle can refer to:

3.1. Pick high-waist jeans

When pairing jeans for inverted triangle body shape, look for clothes that highlight your waist. Such as crop tops or define your waist with a belt. Because mom jeans appear to have a larger waistline. 

can inverted triangle wear high waisted jeans
Pick high-waist jeans are popular with people with an inverted triangle body

3.2. Choose cropped mom jeans

Because of how great they are, cropped mom jeans for inverted triangle are really popular. Such shorter hems don’t overwhelm your legs, regardless of how baggy they are, and are ideal for highlighting your shoes, boots, or high-heeled sandals.

can inverted triangle wear mom jeans
Mom jeans that are cropped are really popular

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3.3. Cuffing mom jeans

This’s a common fashion trick to cuff jeans. In particular, it’s a great trick with mom jeans for inverted triangle! Why? Because it allows you to switch up your look and highlight your shoe collection. People will focus on your shoes and make it easy to hide your flaws.

jeans for inverted triangle body shape
This trick is applied successfully by many people

3.4. Wear with cropped tops or tank tops

Mom jeans typically have a tight waist and broader legs, so a well-fitting top can finish the outfit. Mom jeans for inverted triangle body shape look excellent with crop tops or tank tops in particular. This balances your entire silhouette and gives you a polished appearance.

jeans for inverted triangle shape
Combine mom jeans with cropped tops or tank tops

Make sure your mom jeans, however, are properly high-waisted and are sitting comfortably on your hips. When you’re continuously pulling at your crop top because your mom jeans are slipping down, it looks unpleasant.

3.5. Accentuate with belts

The easiest method to accentuate your waist when wearing mom jeans for inverted triangle is with a striking belt. Make sure to accessorize this lovely outfit because your legs will appear longer thanks to the loose cut and high waist of the mom jeans.

jeans for inverted triangle body type
Add a belt to the outfit to accentuate the waist

3.6. Mom jeans with blazer

By wearing a smart blazer, you can seem effortlessly elegant while giving off an edgy impression. This makes your appearance more professional, and if your workplace isn’t particularly formal, you can wear this ensemble without discomfort. This is also a way to combine mom jeans for inverted triangle.

can inverted triangle wear mom jeans
Mix a blazer into your outfit with mom jeans to make your style professional

3.7. Attempt some sneakers

Change your heels for sneakers to complete your ensemble for a relaxed, carefree attitude. This is arguably one of the most fashionable ways to wear mom jeans for inverted triangle shape. But you can make it look chic by wearing cleaner, nicer sneakers like white sneakers. 

inverted triangle jeans
Try on sneakers with mom jeans outfit

4. Some other types of jeans for inverted triangle

Here are some other types of jeans along with mom jeans for inverted triangle:

4.1. Flared leg jeans

In addition to mom jeans for inverted triangle, this jean style is another stylish design that is ideal for the inverted triangle since the knees are fitted before the hem region flares out. Flare-leg jeans add volume to the legs, which makes them flatter on women, upper and lower figures can be appropriately proportioned. Also, keep in mind your height when choosing the volume of the flare to avoid having it overpower your feminine features.

types of jeans for inverted triangle
Flare-leg jeans are fantastic pieces

4.2. Bootcut jeans

These jeans are the ultimate classic, best suited for work. However, you can also use it on a date because it contributes to your figure and has a bit of charm. With the attractive design of bootcut jeans, it is a product to help keep your inverted triangle sharp and stylish.

how to wear skinny jeans inverted triangle
The most classic style of jeans is the bootcut

Bootcut jeans are designed to give you a curvilinear look that is proportionate to the width of your top half. A pair of bootcut jeans will add volume to your bottom half and divert attention away from your waistline. Therefore, bootcut jeans are the right answer when you are looking for jeans for inverted triangle shape.

4.3. Wide leg jeans

Besides mom jeans for inverted triangle, wide-leg jeans are also one of the best jeans suitable for this body shape. Because they are designed to add volume and space to your lower body. Moreover, wide-leg jeans are also very helpful in creating curves for the lower body.

mom jeans for inverted triangle
Wide-leg jeans are the most popular styles of jeans today

Your inverted triangle body will feel comfortable in a pair of wide-leg jeans. With the width in the lower half, the shoulder will become visually minimalist. From there, jeans with wide legs will help cover up your unstructured figure flaws. In addition, you should choose high-waisted pants, this will help you have a slim waist and highlight your body in the best way.

4.4. Barrel-leg jeans

Like wide-leg jeans, barrel-leg jeans are loose-fitting but taper at the end. These jeans are for you if you like loose pants but don’t like the flared look. These jeans are neither enormous nor form-fitting, so you can refer to these pants in addition to mom jeans for inverted triangle.

pants for inverted triangle
Jeans with barrel legs have a loose fit

4.5. Boyfriend jeans

When you’re looking for the right pants for your inverted triangle shape, don’t overlook the boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans have a comfortable, loose fit and a design that adds a bit of volume to your bottom half. So broad shoulders can be balanced with your slim legs.

can inverted triangle wear high waisted jeans
These unconventional jeans flatter your physique.

These are unique jeans that hug your figure and help shape your body structure when your frame is out of proportion. Boyfriend jeans are highly effective in enhancing your look as they also create the illusion of curves around your hips. Boyfriend jeans effectively hide the irregularity of the overall figure. With the right width of these jeans, you don’t need to worry if it’s too wide as they help to accentuate the inverted triangle body.

The above article gives you information about mom jeans for inverted triangle and instructions on how to match it properly. Hopefully, this article will give you a lot of useful knowledge about fashion and how to dress up your figure. If you have any questions, please contact TeeNavi immediately!

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