15+ Wham Last Christmas T-shirt Ideas From Wham! Band

15+ Wham Last Christmas T-shirt Ideas From Wham! Band

Wham last Christmas t-shirt is a shirt line that promises to be very interesting in the coming Christmas. Today’s article on TeeNavi will introduce you to the meaning and cute patterns of this shirt line. You will surely enjoy this shirt line after today’s article. Read the article with us to better understand this easy-to-match shirt.

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1. Introduce about Wham last Christmas t-shirt idea

This Wham last Christmas t-shirt line is a special line for Christmas holidays. You can easily wear them with other items such as skirts, jeans,… to go for a walk. Or simply wear them to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with your family. Here are some typical features of the last Christmas Wham shirt:

  • Size: Available in a variety of sizes from S to 5XL and suitable for both men and women
  • Fabric: Using cotton fabric makes it easy to move and clean
  • Care: Do not use very hot water and wash vigorously as this will affect the print
wham last christmas meaning
Black cat last year I asked for the sexiest person ever for Christmas I woke up in a box

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2. Wham last Christmas t-shirt printed for your refer

These novelty t-shirts will be a hit in the t-shirt market. The cute Wham last Christmas t shirt prints are all printed on the front and are sized to fit your shirt size.

2.1 Short sleeve Wham t-shirt samples

Teenagers will probably prefer a short-sleeved Wham Christmas top you can easily wear and move without discomfort or entanglement. This will be an interesting shirt to wear over the heat-retaining layer on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can also easily choose an accessory such as a bag or shoe to create a unique Christmas outfit.

wham last christmas meaning
Sample 1: Wham t-shrit for Christmas
wham last christmas location
Sample 2: Last Christmas Wham George Michael t-shirt men women
wham last christmas location
Sample 3: Wham last Christmas album cover art men’s t-shirt
wham last christmas meaning
Sample 5: Mens last Christmas lyrics t-shirt

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2.2 Long sleeve Wham last Christmas shirt designs

For European countries that have quite cold winters, a long-sleeve last Christmas shirt will be great in that time. It will be very fashionable when you wear it with a long slit skirt or a long life jacket. You will look outstanding if you appear with a long-sleeve Wham Christmas t shirt but not a body-hugging thermal shirt.

wham last christmas location
Sample 1: Last Christmas long sleeves t-shirt
wham last christmas location
Sample 2: George Michael last Christmas Wham t-shirt
wham last christmas t-shirt
Sample 3: Last Christmas Wham lyrics Christmas t-shirt
wham last christmas meaning
Sample 4: Wham! Last Christmas essential t-shirt
wham last christmas meaning
Sample 5: Last Christmas Wham long sleeeve t-shirt

3. More Wham last Christmas t-shirt

In addition to a few t-shirt designs mentioned above, you can also refer to some cute t-shirts, the Wham Christmas jumper and the Wham Christmas sweater designs right below. The models of this line all have different beauties. You can easily choose a shirt that suits your style. You can also choose different shirt designs for everyone to create a new Christmas atmosphere around you.

wham last christmas t-shirt women's
Sample 1: Wham – Mens Last Christmas lyrics t-shirt
wham last christmas t-shirt women's
Sample 2: Wham t-shirt
wham last christmas location
Sample 3: Wham last Christmas cover Men’s t-shirt
wham last christmas t-shirt women's
Sample 4: Last Christmas Wham t-shirt
wham last christmas t-shirt women's
Sample 5: George Michael Wham last Christmas unisex t-shirt

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4. Wham Christmas shirt meaning

What is Wham last Christmas meaning? This shirt is inspired by the song “Last Christmas” by the band Wham in 1984. The song is played every December. So why don’t you wear this shirt with the name of this artwork on Christmas this year? This shirt will probably be a wonderful and interesting thing for Christmas in the next few years. This is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of the Wham group. He will surely be very proud to receive this gift.

wham last christmas meaning
Wham last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away


5. TeeNavi- Best choice to purchase printed t-shirt

TeeNavi is an online printing company. You can easily contact us through our website without going to the store. We have printed a lot of products not only t-shirts but also mugs, paintings, other shirts and souvenirs. We always use high quality cotton fabric with eco-friendly ink to ensure the best print quality. Besides, we also receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. You can read them before you buy. Creating a personalized shirt is no longer difficult.

5.1 Delivery

Wish I will finish the product in 2-3 days. And from then on you will need to wait 5-10 days (depending on the shipping method you choose) to receive the product. In addition, we can ship products to more than 100 different countries. The shipping fee will depend on the distance of that country.

wham last christmas t-shirt
Wham! Last Christmas essential t-shirt trend

5.2 Return

When there is a problem with the goods, we will refund 100% of the fee to you. If the product is mistaken or defective, we will resend the new item to you within 30 days of your purchase at no additional cost. If you are not satisfied with the product, please let us know. We will process the refund for you.

wham last christmas t-shirt
You can easily exchange items when they are faulty

6. Introduce buying products at TeeNavi

If after this article you are interested in this t-shirt or other products, please contact us. We will check and assist you as much as we can. Here are 2 ways to contact and order shirts at TeeNavi, you should read before ordering.

  • Method 1: Contact via email [email protected]. If you do not have an idea or design for a print, please fill out the link https://teenavi.com/contact-us/ so that the staff can assist you as soon as possible.
  • Method 2: You choose a shirt product you like and proceed to send your print. You can design this print yourself, or get it online. You just need to choose the shirt color and size then upload the photo and add it to the cart. Next or wait for us to confirm the order and send you shipping information.
wham last christmas t-shirt
TeeNavi is a reputable printing unit

Hope you enjoyed TeeNavi‘s post today about the Wham last Christmas t-shirt. We’ve shared with you the basics of the line and how to order it through our website. We will be very happy to receive your thanks and orders. Please contact us if you have any questions. And now, see you again!

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