9 Best T-shirt Material For Hot Weather | Cotton, Silk, Rayon

9 Best T-shirt Material For Hot Weather | Cotton, Silk, Rayon

Wearing unsuitable clothing in the summer heat is uncomfortable. Do you want to know what the best t-shirt material for hot weather is? So, with TeeNavi‘s selection of the best summer materials, you can keep cool in the heat and humidity.

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1. Best t-shirt material for hot weather

While the T-shirt is the obvious choice for a summer wardrobe, not all t-shirts are equally suited to summer comfort. So, which is the best shirt material for hot weather? Take a look at the textiles of lightweight summer t-shirt listed below.

1.1. Cotton

Is cotton the best t-shirt material for hot weather? Cotton is a natural fiber that allows air to circulate and move easily through the fabric, resulting in airflow that dries up moist body parts. It is also a great material for producting custom t-shirt.  A good quality lightweight cotton absorbs perspiration and make you feel cool off fast, and it is available in a range of designs and colors.

However, cotton wrinkles readily. When preparing for a vacation, a cotton polyester blend may be your best option. It’s also worth mentioning that because cotton absorbs moisture, it might get heavy and damp, resulting in sweat spots. As a result, if you want to prevent pit marks, go for bright hues rather than dark ones.

best t-shirt material for hot weather
Cotton is a naturally occurring fiber

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1.2. Linen

Linen is a naturally woven, loosely woven fiber that enables heat to escape from the body, absorbs moisture, and dries rapidly. What exactly does this mean? You and linen are as cool as a cucumber. It’s also rather flexible, so it doesn’t stick to the body. However, it wrinkles readily, so if crinkles aren’t your thing, seek linen mixes.

best t-shirt material for hot weather
Linen is a loosely woven textile that grows organically

1.3. Cotton in a blend with Lyocell

Lyocell is a revolutionary new fabric that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is created from processed wood pulp, especially regenerated cellulose fiber that emerges from the pulp after processing.

Lyocell’s popularity has grown in part because the manufacturing process employs closed-loop processes, which have a lower environmental effect than conventional textiles. However, there are additional significant advantages for the user, particularly in the summer. This is due to the fact that Lyocell is lightweight but non-transparent, incredibly breathable, exceptionally soft and cooling, and extremely durable.

It’s the best t-shirt material for hot weather, and it pairs beautifully with cotton. That’s why it’s used in our lightweight hot weather t-shirt, which is made from an ideal cotton/lyocell blend.

best shirt material for hot weather
Lyocell is an innovative new fabric

1.4. Cotton knits

Cotton knits that function well in hot temperatures fall into three categories:

  • Jersey knit: A fabric that is often used to make T-shirts and provides a good balance of flexibility and breathability. It is really the best t-shirt material for hot weather.
  • Pigue: Polo shirts are frequently made of pique. When compared to other varieties of knit, it is said to be more breathable and to produce less sweat.
  • French Terry: It is inherently breathable and absorbs moisture effectively, although it is more commonly found in hoodies and shorts.

Keep in mind that cotton knits might be made entirely of cotton or can be blended with other textiles. In addition, even though synthetics like polyester might give greater flexibility, it’s the best t-shirt material for hot weather recommended to avoid them in the heat.

best shirt material for hot weather
Cotton knits that perform well in hot weather

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1.5. Denim/Chambray

Chambray, like denim, is a plain weave fabric manufactured with a colorful yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Its lightweight and deeper colors often absorb the majority of perspiration, allowing you to say “goodbye” to bum sweat. Chambray is also available in higher thread counts, which means it has a finer weave and is therefore more breathable.

best t-shirt material for summer
Chambray comes in a variety of thread counts

1.6. Silk

This is a lightweight fabric that is the best t shirt for hot weather because of its sericulture structure. Silk is a fabric for indoor resting rather than party dance. Some people prefer wearing a silk shirt over a polyester shirt because of its weightlessness and ability to respond to your body temperature. However, it’s worth mentioning that silk isn’t as absorbent as cotton or linen, and wearing a silk slip or skirt on a hot day may result in sweat stains.

shirt material for hot weather
A lightweight material popular in hot regions

1.7. Jersey – hot weather t shirts

Jersey, a knit fabric that was initially comprised of wool, has gone a long way owing to increasing production processes. This best t-shirt material for hot weather is now usual to find jerseys made from a blend of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Its adaptability and comfort make it a popular choice in hot weather.

best shirt material for heat
A knit fabric that was originally made of wool

2. Fabrics to avoid in the summer and heat

Synthetic textiles, in general, should be avoided if you wish to keep cool and comfortable in hot weather. These man-made textiles, such as polyester and rayon are not particularly breathable and can irritate the skin even in the coldest of temperatures. Remember that synthetics are not biodegradable and can harm the environment.

Denim and other heavier cotton materials may look the part, but they are often too heavy for summer comfort. Summer is also not the season for Stretch Denim since the synthetics used to generate the ‘stretch’ result in even less breathability.

best material shirt for hot weather
Summer and heat-resistant fabrics

3. What should you prioritize when choosing a best t-shirt material for hot weather?

Here’s a summary of things to look for when selecting the best t-shirt material for hot weather:

  • Natural: biodegradable and gentle on the skin (hypoallergenic)
  • Lightweight: simple to move in and out of.
  • Breathable: circulates air throughout the body to keep it cool.
  • Soft: cool to the touch and soothing on the skin in the heat.
  • Absorbent: absorbing moisture and perspiration
  • Odorless: The best t-shirt material for summer discourages sweating and odors!
best t-shirt material for hot weather and hot weather
Deciding on a summer t-shirt

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4. Notes for choosing the best t-shirt material for hot weather

Wearing best clothing material for hot weather can help you stay cool in the summer. So, how do you pick the best t-shirt material for hot weather? Let’s have a look at the following.

4.1. Wear clothing that doesn’t cling to your body

Wearing lightweight clothes that do not stick to your skin is the single most significant thing you can do to increase your comfort in high humidity. Woven fabrics or those with texture and a looser fit generally work well.

Clothing that clings to your body will absorb perspiration and remain near to your skin, exacerbating the pain. To reduce this, use clothes that give a tiny physical space from your body rather than embrace it.

Certain fabric compositions are better at giving distance than others. Lightweight woven textiles will often naturally drape off your body better than knits. Look for fabrics with texture, such as seersucker or pique, to lift the cloth off your skin somewhat.

best t-shirt material for hot weather and hot weather
Wear loose-fitting clothes that does not stick to your body

4.2. Vents should be opened

Vents and/or mesh panels are frequently included in technical apparel designed for outdoor enjoyment and travel. These elements, together with a looser fit, contribute to increasing ventilation on hot, humid days, and even a tiny quantity of airflow may significantly enhance drying time and evaporation. When the humidity is high, open the vents wide.

best t-shirt material for hot weather and heat
When the humidity is excessive, open the vents all the way

4.3. Wear quick-drying clothes

The sooner your shirt or pants dry after being saturated in perspiration (which doesn’t evaporate rapidly on hot, humid days), the less time you’ll spend in swampy garments. In general, the lighter the fabric, the faster it will dry, but search for the best t-shirt material for hot weather that is particularly promoted as rapid drying. Quick-dry clothes will not eradicate humidity, but they will dry faster than long-drying apparel.

best t-shirt material for hot weather and heat
Quick-drying clothing will not remove dampness

4.4. Select fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin

Find clothing that promotes moisture-management qualities such as absorbency or wicking to keep perspiration from resting uncomfortably on your skin. Moisture-wicking materials wick perspiration away from your skin fast. Fortunately, many outdoor clothing items are intended to accomplish just that.

On a hot, humid day, the air around you is virtually or totally saturated with water vapor, leaving nowhere for perspiration to go other than to rest on your skin or to be absorbed by your clothing. If your best t-shirt material for hot weather fall away from your skin even slightly, you will be more comfortable than if you were wearing damp, tight clothing.

best shirt material for hot weather
Look for apparel that supports moisture control

5. Recommended summer clothes to beat the heat

Summer is the season to shed layers and wear anything you choose. However, if you are not prepared for the summer heat – and this year has been very hot, to say the least – you might get really uncomfortable. Rather than running for the shade, take a look at this list of summer wardrobe suggestions to help keep you cool.

  • Wear brighter colors: If feasible, wear white. Lighter colors reflect more light and heat, while darker hues absorb more.
  • Wear a cotton tee: A cotton T-shirt is not just a wardrobe essential that will last for years, but it is also light and breathable.
  • Wear linen: Linen is not only recognized for its cooling effects, but it is also lightweight.
  • Wear chambray: Chambray has a tighter weave than cotton twill and hence provides superior cooling.
  • Wear sports apparel: Sports clothing is made of textiles that absorb perspiration and enable heat to travel through the weave, keeping you cool.
  • Wear a tank top: A tank top with a loose cut and fit is perfect for allowing air to travel through.
best shirt material for hot weather
Summer is the season to shed layers and wear anything you choose

High-quality cotton is the greatest all-arounder for the best t-shirt material for hot weather. TeeNavi is a great resource for finding additional information about the top summer T-shirts. Follow us to stay up to date on all the latest products!

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