Print Custom T-shirt Online | "Shock" Price - Nice Design - Quality

Print Custom T-shirt Online | “Shock” Price – Nice Design – Quality

It is no exaggeration to say that a t-shirt is an item that never goes out of style. Even more, custom t-shirt patterns are becoming more and more common and are viewed as a symbol of fashion. In response to the increasing demand, TeeNavi also offers a variety of custom t shirts with distinctive designs, providing clients with a range of alluring experiences.

1. Design custom t-shirts for each object

T-shirts are definitely a must-have in any wardrobe. Because of their convenience and trendy style, t-shirts are always the ideal choice for both men, women, and children

1.1. Men’s custom t-shirt

We provide unique shirt designs for men with basic, manly, yet attractive patterns. Even if the shirt is only embellished with a few basic words or patterns, the men will still feel comfortable and stylish while wearing it, which will encourage them to wear this item again. This may also be the best recommendation for a gift to give your loved one this holiday season in place of romantic words.

mens custom t shirt
“This Is My Only Plane T-Shirt” woodworker custom t shirt for men
custome made tshirts
“Dad’s Fishing T-Shirt Is This Guy For Reel” for the men
custome made shirts
Truck driver custom shirt “This Is How I Roll”

1.2. Women’s custom t-shirt

Custom t-shirt with elegant, brilliant designs and gorgeous motifs are in high demand among women. We custom-printed clothing patterns with relaxed fits that can highlight a woman’s beautiful physique. The ladies will surely feel more confident wearing these gorgeous t-shirt designs whether out with friends, boyfriends, or at any other special events. They will stick out and become the center of attention thanks to creative distinct t-shirt ideas.

diy custom t shirt
“Firefighter Mom Shirt, I Never Dreamed I’d Grow Up” t-shirt for women
diy custom t shirt
“Girl Ukulele Shirt, All Women Are Created Equal Only The Coolest Play Ukulele” t-shirt for women
custome made shirts
“Women Shirt, Pro Cats Pro Choice Pro Feminism” t-shirt for women

1.3 Kid’s t-shirts made to order

We provide custom children’s T-shirts in a variety of materials, names, and designs. The customization procedure is made simple by our interactive design studio. Children often have more sensitive skin, so we especially choose shirt materials and prints that are safe for babies and do not cause skin irritation.

2. How many types of t-shirts are popular? 

Although the t-shirt may appear to be a simple article of clothing, it is far more appealing than one may think. t-shirts come in a variety of styles. If you’re curious to learn more, this article on various t-shirt kinds should provide you with useful information.

2.1. Short sleeves

One of the most popular and basic styles of t-shirts is the classic short-sleeve t-shirt. These items are designed with a close-to-the-neck crew neckline. Most individuals look well with a crew neckline that sits along the base of the neck. There are a ton of people wearing t-shirts in this style, both men and women.

custom t shirt printing
Short sleeve t-shirt

2.2. Long sleeves

Long sleeves custom t-shirt, which is often three-quarters or full-length, are modeled after baseball players’ outfits. The long-sleeve crew-neck t-shirt is basically similar to the basic short-sleeve t-shirt mentioned above. The sleeves are the main distinction since they are substantially longer. It is nearly comparable to the short-sleeve shirt in terms of style because it has the same neckline. Therefore, those who like simple T-shirts but also need these long-sleeved shirts for winter. For a casual gathering with friends, the long-sleeved variation of the basic t-shirt may be the better choice because it appears somewhat more formal than the short-sleeved one.

diy custom t shirts
Custom t-shirt making

2.3. V neck

This t-shirt is recognizable by its V-shaped neckline. The V-neck t-shirt in particular is ideal for those with round features and broad shoulders since it will enhance their appearance. The V-neck t-shirt goes well with many different outfits, including an outside lightweight blazer or an unbuttoned shirt.

custome made tshirts
V neck t-shirt

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2.4. Tank tops & sleeveless

The tank top, commonly referred to as a sleeveless t-shirt, has no sleeves and is made with two narrow straps. Anyone who is sporty or who likes to flaunt their biceps will look great in this item. This shirt is frequently worn underneath other garments or by runners for a relaxed, comfortable appearance.

custom t-shirt maker
Tank tops & sleeveless t-shirt

3. The cause of the popularity of personalized t-shirts

The custom t-shirt business model has been around for a while and is continually developing to satisfy the consumers’ growing need for customization. T-shirt printing may be a well-known method of adorning clothing, so why are personalized t-shirts gaining popularity?

  • Personalization trend: Personalized trends are one of the main development factors for the global adaptogen market. In the past, fashion was solely focused on the product rather than the client. Things have changed over the past ten years, and fashion is now more centered on the consumer. Personalization has been one of the most prevalent and in-demand themes in contemporary retail, along with the advancement of technology.
  • The growth of the entertainment sector: An enormous number of customers who are fans of movies, idols, or television series and are willing to spend a lot of money on t-shirts with their favorite dialogues or slogans printed on them considerably contribute to the expansion of the print t-shirt design market. Throughout the ensuing years, it is anticipated that this tendency will continue to fuel the growth of the custom print t-shirt market.
diy custom t shirts
Custom printed clothing trend is increasing
  • An increase in available revenue: Even if these customized t-shirts are relatively more expensive than standard t-shirts, they are nevertheless more affordable due to the increased disposable incomes of people around the world.
  • Satisfy the urge for expressiveness: T-shirts are one of the best forms of expression and much more than just the go-to clothing for a casual day. The desire for using personalized t-shirts to convey messages and raise social consciousness without using words, express togetherness and solidarity, inspire people to take action, and do so, presents the custom t-shirt printing market with considerable potential opportunities. Therefore, the need for creating custome made shirts to disseminate thoughts, convey emotions, and display personality is rising.
  • Branding: This marketing strategy is much simpler to put into action when selling bespoke t-shirts because it costs less than other forms of advertising like hoardings and television.

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4. The best quality custom t-shirt material available today

The quality of the material is a crucial consideration when selecting any kind of clothing. There are many different types of materials available today, each having its own origins, characteristics, and advantages. Here are some examples of high-quality materials that many designers trust.

  • ✅Supima cotton: Exclusively grown in the United States, “Supima cotton” is high-quality, extra-long-staple cotton fiber. As a result, it is twice as robust as ordinary cotton, which is one of the best fabrics for t-shirts since it offers most of the softness and breathability advantages of regular cotton.
custome made tshirts
The Supima cotton with an extra durability
  • ✅Egyptian cotton: The fertile land of the Nile River basin is where this Egyptian cotton fiber is grown. Therefore, compared to conventional cotton, these long-staple varieties of cotton are softer, silkier, and more comfortable to wear.
custom t-shirts
Egyptian cotton is one of the high-quality fabrics for T-shirts
  • ✅Polyester: The most modern, high-tech polyester textiles can feel soft, sumptuous, breathable, and cozy. Polyester frequently produces some of the greatest athletic t-shirts when it is focused on breathability features. Athletic t-shirts made of polyester are frequently thin and excellent at drawing sweat away from the body. In addition to its advantages like reasonable cost and wrinkle resistance, polyester may help create some of the best-blended fabrics for different sorts of t-shirts.
custome made shirts
Polyester is added to the t-shirt for enhanced softness and breathability
  • ✅Poplin: Since Poplin has so many appealing characteristics, it is one of the best custom t-shirt material patterns for making dress shirts. It is durable, adaptable, and comfortable, as well as has a timeless and stylish appearance.
diy custom t shirts
Poplin offers wearers various extra convenience

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5. What color t-shirts are most popular?

Trends are something that is always altering. More and more fresh fashion trends emerge and become popular with each passing year. To produce the most appealing, stylish items and, above all, to satisfy customer tastes, designers must continually update and understand these trends. To assist you in producing the most stylish custom t-shirt, we’ll give you information on some of the most popular shirt colors in use today:

  • ✅Very Peri
diy custom t shirts
Very Peri – notable colors for 2023
  • ✅Coca Mocha
custome made t shirts
Coca-Mocha is a deep brown and mirrors a rich cup of energizing java
  • ✅Northern Droplet
diy custom t shirts
Northern Droplet is like a grey hue that’s the shade of quiet, overcast days
  • ✅Spun Sugar
custome made shirts
Spun Sugar is a pastel blue shade that represents fresh air

6. Custom t-shirt printing size for each object

Are you looking for a custom t-shirt? It might be simple t-shirts for everyday wear, general matching ensembles for events, or special occasion attire. If so, you’ll probably want a logo, design, piece of art or text on each of your customized t-shirts. It’s crucial that this image be the correct size! The whole instruction to print on t-shirts is provided here.

6.1. For men

There are several ways to create eye-catching designs on your shirt. The majority of individuals will print the graphic on the shirt’s front. Men adore shirts with a simple, sophisticated designs. Therefore, adding only a few little designs or lines of text is sufficient to elevate their clothing. Basically, the ideal print size for men’s t-shirts is 11” to 12.5”.

custome made shirts
Print size for men’s t-shirt

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6.2. For women

Unlike males, women frequently like t-shirts with elegant designs and eye-catching graphics. They typically choose a custom shirt having graphics with a variety of designs and colors. With smaller bodies than men, women’s t-shirt prints typically range in size from 9″ to 11″.

custom t-shirt design
T-shirt print size for women

6.3. For children

Children are the age to enjoy fun, colorful prints. Therefore, children’s t-shirts will often have many funny and vibrant colors, designs, prints, and drawings. When the children appear with friends, these models show the dynamism and confidence appropriate for their age. The suitable size for children’s t-shirt printing is from 9″ to 10.5″.

diy custom t shirts
T-shirt size for kids

7. Steps to design quality custom made tshirts

Easily create shirts custom, polo shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats, and more online. The process is simple as follows:

  • ✅Online design: We’ve made creating your custom shirts super easy with our Design Studio. Choose from thousands of original fonts and clip art or upload your own.
  • ✅Professional printing: Once you’ve designed the shirt, you can leave the rest to us. We are experts in our trade and stand behind every shirt that leaves our premises.
  • Deliver the product to you: Do you have too much to do and don’t have time to worry about shipping your t-shirt? Don’t worry because we guarantee to deliver to you quickly and safely. What’s more, we ship them directly to your door so you can use that time elsewhere.

8. Tips for designing custom t-shirts with personal style

Designing your own t-shirts has become a familiar trend these days. With just a few simple pieces of equipment, rich imagination, and skillful hands, you can easily create a beautiful print custom t shirt. However, there are still a few caveats when designing your own t-shirts at home. Let’s take a look at it together:

8.1. Make use of high-quality images

Who wouldn’t want their t-shirt designs to be clear and vibrant? Any image you contribute to your design should have a high enough resolution. Images with low quality will be pixelated or hazy, which reduces the aesthetics of your shirt.

custom t-shirt with picture
You should use high-quality images to create quality prints

8.2. Prefer simple design

Don’t get caught up in overdoing your imagination and create an overly complicated design. The simplest patterns and compositions may be the most beautiful items. While it is entertaining to utilize a variety of clip art and typefaces on the shirt, using too many complicated aspects might make it appear cluttered. Keep your main message in mind and make it as concise as you can.

custome made tshirts
Simplicity is always the best

8.3. Size and location

The color you choose plays an important role in the design. If you want the design to stand out, consider the harmony and contrast of colors with the shirt color. Avoid using the default maximum size because the big size isn’t always a good thing.

diy custom t shirts
Proper placement and size of the print will help flatter your shirt

8.4. Adjust your fonts

Your font selection is important and has a big impact on your shirt, not just how it looks but also how your message is received or how people perceive your style and personality. Make sure the typography in your design is legible, consistent with your brand, and complements the other graphic aspects. Avoid using more than three distinct typefaces and the system’s default font.

custom t-shirt text
Use custom fonts and help your shirt carry meaningful messages

8.5. Colors should be considered carefully

The colors you select play a significant role in the design. If you want to make the design stand out, think about color harmony and contrast with the shirt color. Moreover, let’s select your preferred color so you may confidently stand out in front of the crowd.

custom shirts
Color is the deciding factor for the impression of your outfit

9. The best quality custom shirts printing methods

Who doesn’t love special custom t-shirts? You can order them from specialized print custom t shirt suppliers, or even design them yourself at home. There are many different methods by which you can design your own special shirt.

9.1. DTG

The word “DTG” stands for “Direct garment” printing. You may also sometimes see this method dubbed DTF, or “Direct to fabric” printing. The procedure accomplishes exactly what it sounds like–a special printer applies a thin ink straight into the fabric of the shirt. This implies that you can simply make any design that you could print on paper. You can unleash your creativity with a variety of colors, make intricate graphics, or even use images. The ink soaks into the fabric of the shirt considerably, such that the pattern feels soft to the touch instead of producing a rigid coating on top of the cloth.

diy custom t shirts
DTG custom t-shirt printing method

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9.2. Vinyl

One of the most common shirt decorating techniques used by professionals and amateurs alike is heat transfer vinyl. One side of HTV vinyl is covered in a heat-activated adhesive and the other side is decorated. From the vinyl, you may cut out words, logos, or even intricate artwork. Then, you can use heat to adhere the cut-out to the cloth. Many designers produce raised, long-lasting images on t-shirts by substituting vinyl for ink.

custome made shirts
Vinyl t-shirt printing method

Glitter vinyl flocked or soft vinyl and metallic vinyl are just a few of the numerous varieties of standard plasticky vinyl that you may utilize. Users can gain a lot of versatility when using Heat Transfer Vinyl for usage at home. In general, in addition to having a low startup cost, creating an HTV design often requires less time and effort than many alternative techniques. Additionally, HTV designs are more durable than nearly any printed design.

9.3. Discharge printing

Although discharge printing is not frequently utilized by most designers, it produces a distinctive high quality custom t shirt pattern. Instead of applying color, this method is carried out by removing it! The printer covers the design area of the shirt with a stencil to prevent damage, and after bleaching the dye from the shirt, only the design remains in color. You might appreciate using this method to make fashionable vintage-looking shirts at home. This method will create an extremely unique and distinctive t-shirt pattern. However, it sometimes is time-consuming and expensive, making it unpopular with designers.

custome made tshirts
Discharge printing custom shirt printing method

9.4. Stenciling

The simplest technique that individuals may employ at home to decorate custom t-shirt is stenciling. You first cut out a stencil by hand or use a more advanced tool like a Cricut to electronically cut out digital designs. Then, you use dye to cover the stencil, giving the garment a logo or design. If you want to personalize a t-shirt for a particular occasion, stencils make it an affordable alternative. You also don’t have to use a heat press. Therefore, if you only want to produce a few basic shirts for special occasions, you can completely replicate this at home with very basic tools.

custom shirts
Stenciling t-shirt printing method

9.5. Printing with a heat press

A wonderful choice for t-shirt novices or home designers is heat press printing. This method uses an inkjet or laser printer to print a design off of a computer. Then, you will use an iron or a heat press to adhere the pattern to your shirt after printing it on a specific type of paper called an iron-on transfer. Because of its simple setup and low start-up cost, this technology is ideal for at-home designers. You may make intricate drawings or images using it just as easily as you would on paper.

diy custom t shirts
Printing with a heat press t-shirt printing method

9.6. Inkjet printer/heat transfer printing

There are various ways that heat transfer printing can operate. It can be utilized similarly to the above-discussed heat press technique. You may also use a heat press to adhere to the vinyl you printed with your design on the shirt. In either case, printing a design on a transfer with an inkjet printer is a simple operation. You do not require a pricey printer or a large number of specialized supplies. You can easily receive decent quality in your design, and if you’d want, you may utilize complex graphics like a photo.

custom t-shirt maker
Inkjet printer t-shirt printing method

9.7. Screen printing

One of the best t-shirt printing methods available is screen printing, which allows users a great deal of artistic freedom. It is also among the world’s earliest printing techniques. This method uses a custom t-shirt printer and is carried out by creating a negative of the design you want on a screen, then rolling a special ink called plastisol ink and pressing the screen onto the t-shirt. This will create an image on the shirt.

diy custom t shirts
Screen printing t-shirt printing method

The many benefits of screen printing make it a popular option for high-end, skilled t-shirt designers. It produces vivid, vibrant, and incredibly durable designs. Additionally, screen printing provides an affordable solution to produce large quantities of the same garment. You can also screen print on virtually any fabric, including silk, cotton, and polyester.

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10. Where is the best place to buy custom-printed clothing online?

When it comes to the most prestigious custom t-shirt business, it is impossible not to mention TeeNavi. We are delighted to provide consumers with top-quality products in exquisite patterns at the most competitive prices with the aim of incorporating genuine human connection into our designs and transmitting a powerful message of affection for family, friendship, loyalty, and many other values.

custome made tshirts
TeeNavi is one of the most high-quality t-shirt suppliers

Besides the available items, clients can also request cheap custom t shirt products based on their demands and preferences to own the unique items. Therefore, after operating on the market for about 6 years, TeeNavi has created and supplied a large number of high-quality products to customers from many different nations across the world and has gotten a lot of positive feedback.

11. How to order custom TeeNavi t-shirts

Currently, there are many establishments that offer custome made t shirts, where you can freely choose to buy your own unique clothes. Here are some tips for you to choose the perfect shirt.

11.1. Select your style

Prior to picking an outfit, let’s decide on your preferred fashion aesthetic. The t-shirts will be made in a variety of designs based on the customers’ requirements and preferences. Nowadays, there are many comfortable neck and sleeve styles for you to choose from, including V-neck, crew neck, and so on. These shirts are not only a part of your personality but also make your appearance become more special.

diy custom t shirts
Style is an important factor when choosing a shirt

11.2. Choose your sleeve length

The next step is to determine the size of your outfit’s sleeves. Shirts come in a variety of styles, with both long and short sleeves. As a result, you may choose the option that best suits your requirements or the season.

make a custom t shirt
Sleeve length is also an unforgettable factor when ordering a custom t-shirt

11.3. Add your T-shirt design

You may construct your own t-shirt by selecting a design from our gallery (which has a variety of industries and styles to pick from) or by uploading your own artwork or logo once you’ve decided on your preferred shirt and the quantity you need to order. And the final finishing stages are left to us. I’m sure you will be satisfied with this special t-shirt.

custome t shirt
Design is what makes your shirt unique and eye-catching

12. Frequently asked questions

TeeNavi is always proud to be a reputable custom t-shirt supplier. We have manufactured and distributed products to many customers around the world and received many positive feedbacks. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. You can refer to these questions before placing an order in our shop to get the most complete ordering experience.

12.1 What does a custom t-shirt mean?

Custom t-shirts refer to the process of measuring clothing, in which you can send a tailoring business your design and t-shirt measurements for them to sew. The custom t-shirt concept allows you to create your own clothing according to your unique preferences, sense of style, and personality.

12.2 How do you put your own design on a shirt?

Custom shirts may be ordered quickly and easily. Use our custom design editor to place your online order for a bespoke shirt. We’ll make sure they arrive on time if you let us know when they’re due.

custome made shirts
Custom printed clothing order at TeeNavi

12.3 How much does it cost to make 1 custom shirt?

The type of garment you order, the number of ordered garments, the number of print sites you choose, and the number of colors printed on each place will all affect the price of a custom shirt order. Our sales managers are flexible with spending limits and will help you get the most out of your money.

custome made tshirts
TeeNavi prides itself on providing customers with the most affordable rates

With huge demand, the shirts cost an average of 30 to 40 dollars. However, at TeeNavi, customers may choose from a wide selection of striking customized items at a reasonable price. At TeeNavi, a custom t-shirt typically costs 21,95 dollars. Therefore, all consumer groups, especially those with little financial means like children, can pay this price and own these items.

12.4 How should I wash my t-shirt to make it last longer?

People should wash their shirts at a temperature of 60 degrees to wash them properly. T-shirts should also be washed in a cycle from the inside out as a top priority. Especially, you should not use chlorine-free bleach and do not tumble dry, or expose your clothes to extreme heat. Avoid ironing the decorating area of your custom t-shirt printing to preserve it in top condition.

12.5 How do you handle returns?

We’re dedicated to giving you the greatest items possible, so if one of the following applies to your order, we’ll be pleased to replace it: (1) The product is flawed. (2) The print quality is poor. (3) The product you received is different from the product originally represented on our site. Then, your claim will be examined by our customer support staff. If your claim is accepted, we’ll provide you with a replacement at no cost.

custom t-shirt stores
TeeNavi always prioritizes the interests of customers through many return policies

TeeNavi always prioritizes the interests of customers through many return policies. Please send us an email at [email protected] for any further requirements. In the event that your claim is accepted, we will provide you with our return address. After your return is received, please wait 3-5 business days for a refund to show up.

12.6 How long does it take to make a custom T-shirt?

To avoid unnecessary waste, we only print T-shirts after the order is complete. It usually takes around 1 day from the time an order is placed until it is ready to ship.

Custom t-shirt patterns are undoubtedly among the most widely used and popular items in today’s society. T-shirts with distinctive designs not only showcase your personal style but also make thoughtful gifts for loved ones. So, let’s visit TeeNavi to purchase the highest-quality designs.

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