Learn About The Dri Fit T-shirt Material | Types And Tips

Learn About The Dri Fit T-shirt Material | Types And Tips

Dri fit t-shirt material is good for sportswear and more. Let’s find out more details about the characteristics and classification of this material with TeeNavi in the following article!

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1. What is dri-fit material?

Dri-fit is a type of fabric that is used in clothing, specifically t-shirts and athletic wear. The fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. There are pros and cons to using dri fit t-shirt material, and it is important to consider both before making custom T-shirts.

dri fit t-shirt material
Dri-fit is a fabric that is commonly used in clothing, particularly t-shirts and athletic wear

2. What is the dri fit t-shirt material made of?

So, what material are dri fit shirts made of? Microfiber polyester interlock is used to make dry-fit. With one significant exception, microfiber is produced using a technique that is very similar to that of normal polyester fabric. The “denier” scale requires microfiber strands to be thinner than a single silk strand. As a result, microfiber fabric is lighter than silk.

dri fit t-shirt material
Dri-fit is made from microfiber polyester interlock

The 20th century saw tremendous advancements in textile science. This made it feasible to create a wide variety of fabric styles out of plastic. Before the 1990s, microfiber dri fit hadn’t reached the consumer market. It is now widely used for anything from cleaning clothes to upscale sporting apparel!

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3. Types of dri fit t-shirt material

Here are the many dri fit t-shirt material that we have available for your tee printing needs. Under our custom-manufactured goods, the various fabrics listed in this section can be altered into polo t-shirts, both long and short-sleeved t-shirts, and many other customization possibilities.

3.1 Mini interlock polyester t-shirt

This is one of the fabrics we most frequently suggest, especially for the outdoors, and one that customers like. It is definitely one of the better-fitting shirts if you want a somewhat thin fit because it is slightly elastic and fitted.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Outdoors, water-absorbent materials that dry quickly keep the wearer dry and comfortable
  • Premium feel and elasticity
  • Utilized by a few high-end companies
what material are dri fit shirts made of
T-shirt in mini interlock polyester

3.2 Microfibre RJ pique tee

This material is a blend of polyester and cotton, and it has a premium feel and elasticity. It is often used by high-end companies. This is a fabric that is frequently used for polo t-shirts since it has a honeycomb-like appearance and still has the dri-fit polyester benefits of being rapid drying and cool.

what material are dri fit shirts made of
T-shirt in microfiber rj pique

3.3 Melange jersey t-shirt

This heathered fabric is soft and comfortable, and it has a feeling of high quality. It is often used for sportswear and other demanding outdoor activities. Melange jersey cloth is elastic, breathable, soft, and exceptionally comfortable, while not being precisely the same.

what material are dri fit shirts made of
Melange jersey t-shirts

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3.4 Interlock dri-fit tee

This fabric is extra smooth and soft, making it ideal for activities where movement is key, like football, cycling, and running. It also features superior moisture management capabilities. The most popular sports for which interlock dri-fit t-shirts are used are football, cycling, and running. The fabric’s extra-smooth and-soft feel permits unfettered movement in places like the shoulder and chest.

dri fit t shirt fabric
Dri-fit interlock t-shirt

3.5 Microfibre eyelet t-shirt

This fabric is lightweight and quick drying, making it perfect for outdoor activities. It also has a very soft feel, making it comfortable to wear. T-shirts with small holes or microfiber you must have worn when attending any event, school camp or sports activity.

dri fit t shirt fabric
Microfibre eyelet tee

3.6 Mini-mesh tee

Made from microfiber mini-mesh fabric, this t-shirt is very similar to ordinary eyelet fabric but with tiny eyelets. It is perfect for personalized t-shirts that you don’t want to be overwhelmed by giant eyelets. Microfibre mini-mesh fabric, as the name suggests, is almost identical to ordinary eyelet fabric but with tiny eyelets. Mini-eyelet fabric is the method to choose for your personalized t-shirts if you consider the giant eyelets an annoyance but still enjoy the feel of conventional eyelet t-shirts.

are dri fit shirts true to size
T-shirt with mesh inserts

3.7 Microfibre pique t-shirt

This luxurious material looks like standard honeycomb polo shirt fabric and has all the benefits of a polyester-based material, such as lightweight and rapid drying. Golf polo shirts made of this microfiber pique fabric are commonly available. Even though it is less popular than the other materials on our list, it has a luxury appearance, resembling standard honeycomb polo t-shirt fabric and exhibiting the wonderful properties of a polyester-based material, such as lightweight and rapid drying. Golf polo t-shirts made of this microfiber pique fabric are commonly available.

are dri fit shirts true to size
T-shirt made of microfiber pique

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4. Dri fit vs. cotton t-shirt material

When it comes to dri-fit vs. cotton, there are a few things to consider. Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and absorbent. It is also durable and can be machine-washed and dried. However, it can also be heavy and bulky, and it does not wick moisture away from the body as well as the dri-fit fabric does.

Dri-fit fabric is made of synthetic materials, specifically microfiber polyester interlock. It is lightweight, wicks moisture away from the body, and dries quickly. However, it is not as durable as cotton and may not be as comfortable in hot weather. The following is a detailed comparison table of dri fit material with cotton

Cotton Dri-Fit
  • ✅ Natural
  • ✅ Comfortable
  • ✅ Airy
  • ✅ Easy Cleaning
  • ✅ Versatile 
  • ✅ Breathable
  • ✅ Light Weight
  • ✅ Quick Drying
  • ✅ Durable
  • ✅ Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Shrinkage
  • Deformation
  • Damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Harder to Dry
  • Not As Comfortable
  • Not Suitable For Sensitive Skin
dri fit t-shirt material
Cotton vs. Dri fit t-shirt material

Ultimately, the choice between dri-fit and cotton t-shirts depends on personal preference and climate conditions. If you live in a hot climate or do a lot of outdoor activities, dri-fit may be a better option. If you prefer natural fibers or live in a cooler climate, cotton may be the best choice.

5. How to choose the dri fit t-shirt material

When looking to buy a dri fit t-shirt, it is important to consider the type of material that the shirt is made from. Different materials have different benefits, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. You must take the following aspects into account while choosing the best material for your requirements:

  • Price: If the purchase is for more than 200 pieces, we would suggest the microfiber eyelet material because it is typically the least expensive of those mentioned above. Under the category of dri-fit round neck t-shirts in our supplier’s ready stock assortment is microfiber eyelet material as well.
are dri fit shirts true to size
How to pick a Dri Fit T-shirt material
  • Comfort: You were searching for the most comfortable and well-fitting material. The mini-interlock material or the melange jersey are both highly suggested. Due to their increased softness and little flexibility, both are excellent for demanding and high-mobility sports.
  • Purpose of use: Different sorts of dri fit t-shirt material will fit you based on your demands depending on the function of the shirt. Microfibre eyelet material could be the most affordable option if you want to distribute shirts for events.

Most of the dri fit t shirt fabrics described above will function flawlessly for outdoor activities. From our perspective, some people are more suited than others for a certain activity or role.

6. FAQs

Follow some problems people face frequently below:

6.1 How to care the dri fit t shirt fabric?

Polyester is a very durable fabric and does not require a lot of special care. However, to prolong the life of your dri fit t-shirt, it is important to follow some simple guidelines:

  • Wash in cold water with like colors
  • Do not wash with strong detergents
  • Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry
  • Do not iron
are dri fit shirts tight
How should the dri fit t-shirt fabric be cared for?

6.2 Can I print on dri fit t shirt fabric?

Yes, you can print on dri-fit t-shirt fabric using a number of different printing techniques, including silkscreen printing and sublimation printing.

are dri fit shirts tight
Is it possible to print on dri fit t-shirt fabric?

6.3 Is dri fit t-shirt material suitable for swimmers?

Dri fit t-shirt material is suitable for swimwear because it is durable and quick-drying. Swimwear made of polyester also resists fading and stretching in the water. Then, this fabric is a good choice for active swimmers who need a garment that will last and that will not become heavy and saturated when wet.

dri fit t shirt brands
Is the dri fit t-shirt material appropriate for swimmers?

TeeNavi sourced for you all about dri fit t-shirt material. Currently on the market there are many different types of materials and with the above useful information, it is possible to help you choose the right fabric for your needs.

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