How to keep a Christmas wreath fresh: 12 tips you should know

How to keep a Christmas wreath fresh: 12 tips you should know

Christmas wreaths are beautiful and indispensable decorations of holiday decorations in many homes. However, how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh can be a challenge that not everyone knows. In this article, we will provide you with 12 easy ways to ensure your wreaths and garlands stay fresh and beautiful all season long. So, don’t miss TeeNavi‘s below article!

1. How to keep a Christmas wreath fresh through the holidays

Here are 12 methods of how to keep wreaths fresh that we would like to recommend to you:

1.1. Soak the wreaths and garlands

Soaking wreaths and garlands in water is the first effective way how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh. Along with that, this method also helps prevent them from drying out too quickly. First, you prepare a suitable spot in your home, such as the bathtub, sink, or a spacious bucket. 

how to keep a christmas wreath fresh
Let’s soak your wreath into the water

The one that you pick needs to make sure it’s deep enough to fully submerge the wreath or garland. After filling it with water, gently place the wreath or garland into it. For optimal results, it is recommended to let them soak for 24 hours before decorating your surroundings. Through this duration, the foliage will absorb the water and help your decoration on a high note.

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1.2. Create a breeze

Moving air is just as beneficial for Christmas decorations produced with actual greenery although chilly areas are better for them. Therefore, to extend the life of your wreaths, you should create a breeze inside your house. To do this, you place a small and portable fan near the wreath to create a gentle breeze. 

how do you keep a christmas wreath fresh
The 2nd way to protect your wreath fresh

Note that the fan should only be turned on at a low or medium speed so that it can’t damage and slow down the process of moisture loss from the wreath. Another way is to open a window near them to make a gentle airflow. Try following these steps for how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh!

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1.3. Design an outdoor display

If you choose an outdoor display rather than an inside one, wreaths and garlands will last for many weeks. In addition, with this method, you can design a beautiful outdoor display for the Christmas decoration. An ideal place to begin is with a wreath outside the entrance door.

how to keep christmas garland fresh
You can hang your wreath on the entrance door

Additionally, you can prevent the drying effect of indoor air if you can relocate all of your newly decorated items outside. Of course, Northern temperatures are more suited for this way on how to keep wreaths fresh. The lifetime difference between indoor and outdoor wreaths may not be as noticeable in the South and coastal locations with mild winters. Please consider!

1.4. Let wreaths outdoors at night

You may extend the life of your Christmas wreaths and garlands by letting them “sleep” outside. Because the cool nighttime temperatures slow down the drying process. Even if you plan to use them indoors for a holiday meal or throughout the day. They can stay fresh outside for months longer in colder northern areas than they are indoors. 

how to keep a fresh christmas wreath alive
Keep a wreath fresh by letting it outdoors at night

Even though mild winter climates may make this less effective, the increased air movement from outside “respites” might nevertheless help keep wreaths fresher. This is facilitated by keeping an adequate flow of oxygen surrounding the wreath. Let’s try this how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh!

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1.5. Spray with an anti-desiccant

The next way how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh is by spraying an anti-desiccant. There are numerous anti-desiccant products available at garden or hardware stores. They are often organic, biodegradable, and known for their ability to slow down water loss. They are sometimes referred to as anti-transpirants. To apply them, you lay out the foliage on newspapers and spray one side. Then, you flip over wreaths or garlands to spray the other side. Remember to allow a few hours for the anti-desiccant to set.

how to keep a christmas wreath from drying out
Using anti-desiccant for your wreath

1.6. Place decorations carefully

The next tip is to place your Christmas wreath carefully. The durability of wreaths or garlands made from real foliage depends heavily on their location in your house. Heat and sunlight pose a significant threat as they accelerate the drying process of the foliage. This advice also applies to most live Christmas plants.

how to keep your christmas wreath fresh
Keep your wreath away from heaters

It is vital to keep all foliage decorations at a safe distance from heaters, sunny windows, and candles. For those who want to light up their garlands, it is advised to opt for LED lights. Because they emit considerably less heat compared to standard bulbs. Please pay close attention to this how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh!

1.7. Use a humidifier

To enhance the moisture content of the foliage, you can use a portable humidifier for your Christmas wreaths and garlands. Position this machine close to the decorations to aid in maintaining their hydration levels. So, please refer to this method if you have questions “How do you keep a fresh wreath alive?”!

how to keep my christmas wreath fresh
The 7th tip for keeping the Christmas wreath fresh

1.8. Keep away from heat

The placement of your wreath plays a crucial role in how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh for an extended time. When hanging your wreath, you should avoid placing it in direct sunlight without any shade. Because the intense sunlight can cause the wreath to rapidly turn brown and lose freshness quickly.

how to keep a fresh wreath fresh
Remember to keep your wreath away from heat

Furthermore, one more thing that you should pay attention to is not hanging near the heater and fireplace which can create dry air in your house. If your wreath or garland is hung in such an environment, it will dry out within 7 to 14 days. So, consider carefully where you can hang it to keep it away from heat!

1.9. Mist the foliage

Mist foliage is a must when it comes to how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh. Adding water is helpful because losing water is the reason your wreath and garland wilt. Aim to maintain moisture, it is so effective if you give them a pre-holiday bath. However, you can also use a plant mister or spray bottle filled with water nearby to add moisture. Don’t forget to mist your wreaths and garlands every few days to keep them hydrated!

how to keep a live christmas wreath fresh
Use planter mister to provide moisture for your wreath

1.10. Avoid direct sunlight

Quality live wreaths have the potential to last up to eight weeks when they are placed outdoors. But, if they are directly exposed to full sun, their lifespan will be reduced to only a couple of weeks. Therefore, keeping your wreaths out of direct sunlight is a recommended way that you should remember. Otherwise, they can dry and brown quickly. At this point, you probably have the answer to “How do you keep a Christmas wreath fresh?”.

how to keep a fresh wreath alive
Prevent your wreath from direct sunlight

1.11. Buy fresh wreath

The foliage used to create wreaths during the Christmas season is often cut from the roots. Therefore, they will of course wither over time. Whether you choose to buy a ready-made wreath at the store or make it yourself, the green foliage undeniably has a limited lifespan. To minimize this, you need to carefully choose wreaths with green foliage or the freshest ingredients to make them. And this is also the final method for how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh that we suggest to you.

how to keep wreaths fresh
The last way to keep the wreath fresh

The above article includes how to keep a Christmas wreath fresh with 12 ways that you can refer to. Hope you will have a lot of useful knowledge in the process of taking care of your wreaths and garlands during the Christmas season. Don’t forget to contact TeeNavi as soon as you need any problem answered!

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