Jersey material T-shirt & Find Out What Makes Them Stand Out?

Jersey material T-shirt & Find Out What Makes Them Stand Out?

Jersey material t-shirt is popular for their high elasticity and softness. The fabric is also strong and durable, which is perfect for t-shirts since they are often worn and washed frequently. Jersey material t-shirts are If you want to get one, here are some tips TeeNavi lists how to choose a good jersey fabric t shirt!

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1. What is the jersey material t-shirt?

Jersey material t-shirt is a type of fabric that is often used to make custom T-shirts. It is famous for its high elasticity, softness and is actually very durable. So this is one of the most suitable fabrics to use for a shirt? This is a soft, elastic knit fabric originally made from wool. Later, they were made from cotton, cotton blends and also synthetic fibers. The right side of the knit is smooth and has a single ribbed, while the back is knitted with multiple loops. This fabric usually light to medium weight and can be found in a wide variety of clothing and household products around our daily lives.

jersey material t-shirt
Jersey fabric is a type of fabric that is commonly used to create T-shirts

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2. What types of jersey material T-shirt are there?

There are 2 most popular types of jersey material on the market today, standard jersey and double-knit jersey. Besides, there are many knitted fabrics available depending on the composition and properties of the fabric, TeeNavi will list the most popular ones for you below.

2.1 Standard jersey

Overall, the classic standard jersey fabric has 2 sides, the right side and the reverse side (left side). It is a plain knit fabric with one side smooth and the other with a loop. It is made with a bit of elastane to increase the elasticity of the shirt. So, the features of a standard jersey are a 4-way stretch fabric (vertically and horizontally).

2.2 Double-knit jersey

Double jersey fabric is woven with two sets of needles on two needle beds. This is a reversible fabric, It can be single-sided or double-sided. According to the artisans, double knits tend to be more stable than single knits, but they only stretch in one direction (horizontally). Thanks to those two characteristic layers of the fabric, t-shirts made from double-knit fabric have better pleats and a much stronger look. In addition to T-shirts, people also use this fabric to make vests, blazers or classic pants.

2.3 Other jersey based on fabric composition and properties

Jersey fabric t-shirts can be broadly divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. What fabric is used for jerseys such as cotton, wool, and silk, while the synthetic category is made from materials such as polyester and nylon. Some types of jersey material t-shirt that are most prominently used:

  • ✅​​​​​​​ Cotton Jersey: It is made of 100% cotton jersey t-shirt and cotton blend jersey t-shirt. As the name suggests, the former is made of 100% cotton, while the latter is made of a blend of cotton and other synthetic fibers. It is a breathable material, making it one of the most popular choices for children’s clothing.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Rayon Jersey: It is a semi-synthetic material made from wood pulp. It has a silky appearance and feel, making it a popular choice for women’s clothing.
jersey material t-shirt
Depending on the fabric’s composition
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Polyester Jersey: It is a synthetic material made from petroleum-based products. It is cheaper than other types of jersey and is often used to make sportswear.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Wool Jersey: It is a natural material made from sheep’s wool. It is often used to make winter clothing because it is warm and insulated.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Silk Jersey: It is a natural material made from the silkworm’s cocoon. It is often used to make luxurious and high-end clothing because of its soft and smooth texture.

Jersey material shirts come in a variety of styles according to jersey fabric properties, including:

  • ✅​​​​​​​ Jacquard jersey: Jacquard jersey, like other jacquard textiles, has designs that range from simple forms to elaborate brocade-like patterns. These designs are created by industrial knitting machines used by textile producers.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Clocqué jersey: Clocqué jersey is a type of fabric with a raised, puckered, or quilted design.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Slub jersey: Slub jersey is a type of fabric that deliberately has thick and thin areas in the yarn to create an irregular, textured surface.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Stretch jersey: Stretch jersey is a type of fabric that has been treated with chemicals or mechanical processes to make it elastic.
Fabric name Jersey
Fabric also known as Jersey knit
Fabric composition Wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers
Fabric possible thread count variations 150 – 600
Fabric breathability High
Moisture-wicking abilities High
Heat retention abilities Medium
Stretchability (give) High
Prone to pilling/ bubbling Depends on the fabric used
Country where fabric was first produced Channels Islands
Biggest exporting/ producing country today China and Australia
Recommended washing temperatures Depends on the fabric used
Commonly used in Underwear, T-shirts, bedding, sweaters, dresses, blouses, polo shirts, sweatpants, athletic wear
jersey material t shirt
Depending on the fabric’s properties

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3. Discover the characteristics of jersey material T-shirt

Jersey is a versatile and adaptable woven fabric with a variety of properties that make it a great  jersey knit for everyday use. The official name of Jersey is:

3.1 Stretchy

Jersey fabric is a stretchy fabric because of its knitted structure, making it an excellent choice for goods that require mobility. Spandex may also be used to make stretch jersey.

jersey fabric t shirt
Jersey is a stretchy fabric

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3.2 Soft

Jersey fabric is a soft and comfortable material that is perfect for everyday wear. The fabric is made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and silk, that all have a soft texture. Additionally, some jersey materials are treated with chemicals or mechanical processes to make them even softer. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable T-shirt to wear around the house or something soft and luxurious to wear on a special night out, jersey material T-shirts are sure to please.

cotton jersey fabric t shirt
Jersey fabric is a soft and comfortable fabric that is ideal for casual wear

3.3 Opaque

Jersey is opaque due to its knitted construction, which draws the fibers closer together and prevents light from passing through. This is useful for clothing that needs to provide coverage.

what fabric is used for jerseys
Jersey obstructs the passage of light

3.4 Absorbent and breathable

Jersey material t-shirt is absorbent and breathable because of their knitted construction. The fibers in the fabric are close together, which allows it to absorb moisture and release it into the air, making it ideal for sportswear. The fabric is also breathable, which means that it allows air to circulate through it, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

what fabric is used for jerseys
T-shirts made of jersey fabric are both absorbent and breathable

3.5 Well-structured

Jersey material t-shirts are well-structured because of their knitted construction. The fibers in the fabric are close together, which allows it to absorb moisture and release it into the air, making it ideal for sportswear. The fabric is also breathable, which means that it allows air to circulate through it, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Additionally, the jersey is a stretchy fabric because of its knitted structure, making it an excellent choice for goods that require mobility.

jersey t shirt meaning
Jersey t-shirts are made of well-structured fabric

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4. Tips for sewing jersey material T-shirt

Jersey is a t-shirt quality material with flexible and soft that can be utilized for a variety of projects, but it might be challenging to sew if you’ve never dealt with knitted textiles before. Here are some sewing suggestions for t-shirts made with a jersey knit.

  • ✅​​​​​​​ Make use of a ballpoint needle. A sharp standard needle can be used to stitch knit textiles. However, it frequently causes microscopic rips. When stitching, use a pointed needle, which goes between the fibers rather than tearing them.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Use a walking foot on the machine. A conventional foot can be used to stitch, but if you’re concerned about stretching the fabric as it feeds through the machine, a walking foot can assist everything flows uniformly so there are no odd strains in your completed product.
jersey t shirt meaning
Sewing tips for a jersey material t-shirt
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Make a zigzag stitch. If you just stitch your jersey fabric with a single line, the material will expand but the seams will not. When sewing, be sure to employ a zigzag stitch to allow for flexibility. If you have one, you can also use it to cut and complete your lines as you go.
  • ✅​​​​​​​ Hems should be sewn using a twin needle. Ensure to use a double needle for your hems, since a double line stitch is a finer finishing technique that also allows for fabric elasticity.

5. How should jersey fabric T-shirt be maintained?

Jersey fabric t shirt is reasonably simple to care for, however, keep in mind the materials used to produce the knit fabric. Cotton jersey shrinks easily, so pre-wash your clothes before stitching. Jersey should be washed in cold water and tumble-dried on medium heat. Iron is normally unnecessary if your clothes are promptly removed from the dryer.

shirt material brands
How to care for jersey fabric T-shirt

6. What is the environmental impact of jersey fabric?

The environmental effect of jersey material varies based on the fibers used. Synthetic fibers, for example, have a significantly detrimental environmental impact. While it is occasionally feasible to control or reuse harmful chemicals used in the creation of polyester and rayon, these chemicals always wind up damaging local ecosystems even when handled appropriately.

shirt material brands
How does jersey fabric affect the environment?

With each wash, synthetic fabrics discharge harmful microfiber clothes into the water supply. Synthetic materials enter the environment as non-biodegradable pollution at the conclusion of their life cycle. As a result, employing synthetic fibers to make jersey fabric is unsustainable for the environment. Cotton and wool, in contrast, have the ability to be entirely eco-friendly. Cotton growers often employ harmful agrochemicals. However, cotton may be grown without pollutants, and cotton is very biodegradable.

7. Answers to questions about jersey fabric

To know more about jersey material t-shirt, you can refer to some frequently asked questions as follows:

7.1 Where is jersey fabric produced?

Although a few artists continue to make traditional jersey material t-shirt on the Channel Islands island of Jersey, these British protectorates no longer supply the majority of the world’s jersey. China is now the world’s largest textile manufacturer, as well as the top exporter both of cotton and synthetic fabrics.

t shirt material single jersey
Where jersey fabric is manufactured

7.2 How much does jersey fabric cost?

The cost of jersey fabric is based on the textile materials used. Synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester are the least price of all textile products on the market, yet plant-based natural resources like cotton may be virtually the same value as synthetic fibers.

jersey material white t shirt
Cost of a T-shirt made of jersey fabric

Choosing a jersey material t-shirt really depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a T-shirt. TeeNavi has listed all the jersey fabrics and, based on them, you may pick the right t-shirt. Follow us for more fashion updates.

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